• iSTORYA.NET's Mother's Day Letter Writing Gives Writers Awesome Rewards

      The elections has taken a toll on some of us, based on Facebook feeds. Some expectations were met, some not met, some were expecting for the worst and some are complacent (I don't wanna say indifferent).

      However, one thing good about this year's election is that it fell right after Mother's Day. So let's veer away from the election stress and focus instead of the warmth and loving glow that mothers bring!

      Prior to Mother's Day, we have opened up a contest on letter writing to mothers. (Check out this link--> MOTHER'S DAY CONTEST!) We would like to thank all those who submitted their entries via PM. However, after review and evaluation, here are the top 2 letters that caught our attention. Both of them will receive a gift certificate from Marriott Hotel for a dinner for 2 and a gift item from another one of our partners, Havaianas! So Congratulations!!!!

      Letter to Mom Contest Winner: Kageron
      Dear Mama,

      Kumusta namo ni papa? Nag cge gihapon mog date didto likod sa atong balay? Puhon ma maka visit ko ninyo diha ni papa mag dye tas imong buhok. Kay mao jud ni permi imong e.sugo nako once a month kay para wa kay uban. Bisag di ko kahibaw nakat.on nalang pud ko kay para di ka halata nga senior citizen naka. Gi ingnan tika nga atong ipa blond imong buhok pero di ka mo sugot kay imong idol si Marian Rivera.

      Mahibong nalang ko nimo mag tanaw kag TV mag atang ka usahay sa next sequel ni Dingdong Dantes. Nganu mag atang man kang Dingdong nga naa man ko? Naa pay maminaw mo ni papa og drama sa radyo while nag tuk.ong mos lamisa kay naniudto.

      Sukad ni barog ko sakong kaugalingon tiil mader dako na kaayog deperensya. Wa nay mo pukaw nako inig buntag para kuhaon ang punda og habol aron ma apil og laba.

      Wa nay mo laba sakong mga bulingon og mo tahi sakong nanga wagart nga brep katong nag skwela pako sa elementarya. Pag highschool di pako kalimot imo kung pa dalhon og bawnanan nga ang kan.on gi dasok pag maayo aron di magutman. Pero akong kwarta mahurot ra gihapon kay lami man ang singkamas og gi slice nga penya sa tindahan.

      Wa nay mag duwa og solitary sa sala sukad tua namos probensya ni papa. Ang lamisa nga butanganan sa imong baraha napulihan nalang og charger sa cellphone og ashtray. Sukad naa naka sa probensya wa nay mamadlong sa mga bata diri kay pang bali.on imong mga tanom og buwak.

      Puhon maayong tempo og dagan sa panahon mo pakalit rakog abot dra sa ato. Mo kalit rakog butho sa atong tugkaran. May nang ambush tirada sa akong pag abot para pakurat og medyo na I drama kay surprise kuno.

      Imong anak
      Loncio Tahor

      Letter to Mom Contest Winner: dropdeadgorgeous

      Dear Mom,

      We both know we’re so different. I want constant transit, lazy escapes, full meals… You prefer to stay home, eat barely enough and keep your daily silence with a motherly love that is constant, true, and not fully-deserved.

      Whereas I’d argue my point until my tongue is still in my mouth, you’d choose to be quiet and still. Where I am restless, willful and harsh, you give way—with a kindness that I wish I inherited but didn’t.

      Perhaps to your distress, I can’t stand to stay home longer than 12 hours except Sundays. I’m always in search of driving away, flying off, swimming to the edge.

      You are Home and everything it means—an unchanging comfort, a warm blanket, a favorite retreat.

      I move around in spirals while you keep me centered, grounded. I seek adventures, draw blood, push walls and wage wars. I am over and beyond the clouds of my aggressive ambitions. You are as still as night, and as lovely as morning.

      I wish I have more of your grace and peace and inner joy. I don’t think I can be wife and mother—not when I don’t have what you have. Not when I am so unlike you.

      I cannot say thank you. It’s too commonplace, too lacking.

      You raised me with the ability to dream and let me go with the freedom to go out on my own. You loved me in a way I may never know love elsewhere. You stay where you’ve always been—somewhere I can always reach you, a selfless place of unquestioning love. I wonder how you do it. I thank God that you can do it.

      We took your youth from you. We took your dreams, pride, time. We’ve taken all we could and you’ve given all you could. You still do.

      In this life, I will, as I’ve always tried, do all I can to make and keep you proud. I love you always, Mom. Always.

      I pray that God will bless you and help us give back even half of what you’ve given us. But we never can. You gave us life and hope and our future in exchange for yours. We can never give those back in equal measure—but we can love you beyond words.

      As incomplete as it sounds, thank you.

      And I love you, Mom, so much.


      Aside from these letter senders, iSTORYA.NET is brimming with touching stories that you can read again and again. Together with our partners, Smart Sense, Banilad Town Center and Chillage, we would like to acknowledge the writers who have shared these wonderful stories with equally wonderful items.

      Check their stories in the following links:

      I thank God for Being A Single Mom

      The 3 Kinds of Mothers

      The Amaranth Love of a Mother

      Confessions of a Former Mother's Day Hater

      When my Mom Shattered my Closet

      iSTORYA.NET and our partners believe that there should be more than one day to express our love for our mom. With everything she has done for you, why not express how much you care for her every day?

      With that, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!

      Ed Notes:
      -Keep posted for more contests or raffles in our homepage!

      - To all winners, please check your PM.

      Thank you so much to our partners for making Mothers' Day at iSTORYA.NET extra special.
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      1. dropdeadgorgeous's Avatar
        dropdeadgorgeous -
        Unexpected... Thank you, istorya family!
      1. monie17's Avatar
        monie17 -
        Quote Originally Posted by dropdeadgorgeous View Post
        Unexpected... Thank you, istorya family!

        Well-deserved Langga!! I am so proud of you! )

        makahilak man pod tag PECOS machine ani!
      1. sammedriano's Avatar
        sammedriano -
        Kahilak sad ta og popcorn oe.
      1. razorblde's Avatar
        razorblde -
        to the winners, please call me at 09173117694 for details on where you can get your prizes Godspeed!

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