• Here Comes the Rain, Here Comes Champorado!

      Rainy season is finally here!

      After two months of scorching heat, rains are finally pouring down, extinguishing the heat all over the land. It's time for those sneakers and rubber shoes to take over colorful flipflops. When it comes to food, if halo-halo and ice cream are summer's favorite food, CHAMPORADO is most famous for this season.

      Champorado, or chocolate rice porridge, is an all-time favorite Filipino food famous for its sweetness. The fact that it is made with chocolate, many kids love to eat it. Champorado is a great breakfast meal. It is also good for afternoon snacks.

      Source: angsarap

      Making champorado is quick and easy. Here's how to do it:

      4 cups rice
      6 - 9 cups water
      12 - 15 round cocoa tablets(tabliya in Filipino) or 1 - 2 cups pure cocoa powder
      Sugar(as desired)
      1 tablespoon vanilla
      Condensed milk(Optional)

      1. Boil the rice until cooked.
      2. After the rice has been cooked, add more water and boil again.
      3. Then add the cocoa tablets or cocoa powder and mix constantly.
      4. Once the chocolate and the rice have combined into a gelatinous sticky soupy consistency then it is done.

      (reference: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Champorado)

      If you want your champorado to be more soupy, then you can add more water. For thicker consistency, pour in less water. It's all up to your taste.

      Source: kitchencow

      This meal is best served hot and topped with condensed milk. Combine champorado with buwad (dried fish) for an ultimate rainy season meal.


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      1. jcjven19's Avatar
        jcjven19 -
        Ka nice sa mga pic.......pro nag pic ana?or guton lng jud ko......

        - - - Updated - - -

        Quote Originally Posted by jcjven19 View Post
        Ka nice sa mga pic.......pro nag pic ana?or guton lng jud ko......
        ........mag pa luto ko ana ogma........
      1. superidol's Avatar
        superidol -
        yes!! agree jd q ani. . lami jd kaau paresan ang champorado ug buwad. . !! EEeHHeeMmm!!
      1. prexie's Avatar
        prexie -
        lami.a uy.....gutomon man sad ta
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        lescraman -
        lamia lage ug nawng ani nga champorado. I miss champoy!
      1. josh_box1985's Avatar
        josh_box1985 -
        Lami ang champorado pag ang tablea gamit ky gkan sa argao "Guilang Tablea" is the best.
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        garboso -
      1. qthea's Avatar
        qthea -
        lami jud kaayu n ang champorado. labi na ug pilit sad ang gamiton
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        lamia! wa koy pamahaw samot ko kagutom.

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