• Happy BisDak

      BisDak is short for Bisayang Dako which literally means Big Visayan. Dako means big and Bisaya is a dialect used in the Southern Part of the Philippines, having a big percentage in the Visayas and a major chunk in Mindanao.

      Some use it as a tacky way to describe the Bisayas and used it in a haphazard way or some just blurt it out as a joke from one Bisaya to another, especially in the manner of speaking and intonation. However, the term BisDak has evolved from just a thrown-out description of Visayan-speaking people to a much closer association of pride for being one.

      Needless to say, when you are BisDak, you are describing that immense pride of being Bisaya. It’s an unspoken yet very obvious categorization from other regional groups of the Philippines because Bisayas are believed to be united, fierce, go-getters, fun-loving and happy! You can see this interaction when one Bisaya hears another Bisaya in a crowd full of Non-Bisayas. Instant connection-- Such pride, such joy, such happiness! Agree mo mga BisDak?

      Thus we are very happy to know that CCTN Channel 47 has this show called “Happy BisDak” where they would like to present and define everything that is nice and happy about being Bisaya. Of course, iSTORYA.NET supports this initiative because most iSTORYAns are BisDaks! Aside from that, the show is really something to look forward to! Here’s why:

      Hosted by famous reggae Cebuano artist (formerly of Junior Kilat), Errol “Budoy” Marabiles, the show started airing last July 27, 2013 at CCTN.

      It’s a 1-hour show and the first season will have 13 episodes. It will also have replays every Sunday at CCTN from 2-3pm.

      So what will you expect in this new show?
      There will be some sort of Just-for-laughs Bisaya version, with a hidden camera for street gags. It’s gonna be awesome and oh-so-funny! Hopefully, we won’t be the subject in one of their episodes (dali ra baya ko mailad! Waaa!)

      More Gags! -> Boy Bugoy
      This is still an extension of the gags but it will be character-based. I can’t wait to check out what they will be doing! So what happens if you fall as one of the “victims”? Producers say that so far, they have acceptable reactions and they receive giveaways. Most of them now look forward to the episode where they’re in! Now, I’m having second thoughts of not being one! Pick me, pick me! Hahaha!

      Biyaheng Budoy
      This is the travel segment of the show where they will go to different places and feature the places that are must-gos! They will feature the food, where to stay, etc. And on top of that, they will try to get local artists from that featured place. We find this very noble because there are so many talents in the nooks of the region, undiscovered yet so talented.

      The Lab
      This is a segment wherein they will feature Visayan and Mindanaoan artists and bands. Budoy interviews them. They will also have a local version of MTV which they coyly call, MTB (Music Telebisyon Bisaya). This is a great avenue for our musical talents.

      Happy BisDak is really something to look forward to every Wednesdays, so don’t forget to tune in to CCTN Channel 47 at 8-9am, Saturdays! Replays on Sundays at 2-3pm.

      Happy Bisdak is hosted by Budoy of Jr Kilat; produced by Filip Castro and directed by Karl Domnique Lucente and sponsored by San Miguel, Hale Manna and Handuraw.

      For online viewers, you can check out their Youtube page so you can check out episodes that you’ve missed! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQHOgpGWj1ubL-wLahRtFEw

      You can also like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HappyBisdak

      Proud to be BisDak,
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      1. superidol's Avatar
        superidol -
        CCTN? y not ABS-CBN or sa GMA? dili mn mklaro among reception sa CCTN gd. .
      1. tchrisryan's Avatar
        tchrisryan -
        Kita usa ka episode gi interview ang Urbandub ...
      1. nio1234's Avatar
        nio1234 -
        lingaw ni siya kita ko sa youtube ani
      1. ruelb1's Avatar
        ruelb1 -
        I would like to watch this happy show. For sure this will tickle my funny bone. Not so many Bisaya shows are available these days. Wish there would also be more Bisaya films like that of Taghoy sa Sapa of Cesar Montano. Let Sunshine Cruz stop that bullying on her husband.
      1. husdamanus's Avatar
        husdamanus -
        Hala! Season 2 na biya ta! Saturdays gihapon 8-9pm! Tan aw nya mo ha?

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