• The Gift of Time, Priceless

      The greatest things in the world are not things.

      Such is a reality to working parents whose only wish is to spend time with their family. All the riches in the world will not encompass the treasure time with family could give.

      If you are working, you are working with a purpose. Without purpose, working is just a bland routine to survive the day. For most parents, they are working for the future of their family. Some work for the betterment of their family. However, it is not a bed of roses. You have to sacrifice a lot of things-- overtime, working on holidays spent with some people who hate your guts, rather than with family. Wherever you may be, abroad or employed locally, it doesn't matter. Some sacrifices are there for the betterment of our families.

      However, for the working class, it's pretty ironic that we work so hard for our family yet very few of us has the luxury to spend as much time with them as we could.

      Working in the BPO industry has a lot of advantages but for those who have families, the holiday season does not mix well with shifting schedules. When your shift happens to be inclusive of Christmas and New Year, and night shift at that, itís like spending holidays abroad as well.

      Such is the fate of our BPO employees. In one of our polls for the greatest material gift, forumer pinoy wrote that the greatest gift he could ever receive is to dine at Marco Polo Hotel with his family because his wife and son loved the food there and the last time they dined there together as a family was one of his happiest. The choices ranged from travel, gift certificates, cash, gadgets, etc. but this formerís comment caught our attention.

      Recently promoted, pinoy has a working nightlife and he has been doing so for 4 years. His pregnant wife, who is also an iSTORYAn, just opened a dental clinic somewhere in Baseline and works at day. So by the time he goes home, his wife and son are off to work and study. He sleeps at a time when heís supposed to be with them. I am sure that a lot of BPO workers can relate to this.

      So it is no wonder that most in the working class, like pinoy, would rather have time with the family among any other tangible things. Some would even wish for a day-off pampering one's self, having a massage or being on vacation. We work so hard sometimes that we forget to take care of ourselves. We wish that every iSTORYAn gave a gift to himself/herself this Christmas, tangible or intangible. We are happy to know that on the 27th, pinoy's wish came true and albeit celebrating Christmas late, it is still Christmas spent with family.

      pinoy with his family-- wish came true!

      Having a family, whether near or far, assures you that you are never alone in this world. We salute all working iSTORYAns who value family time for it is indeed priceless. It is worth all the sacrifice. Kudos to all of you and we pray that you are not alone this holiday season.

      Happy Holidays Everyone!
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      Comments 12 Comments
      1. pinoy's Avatar
        pinoy -
        Thanks istorya
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        glad you are able to fulfill your wish, pinoy!
      1. charity.pardillo's Avatar
        charity.pardillo -
        well written!
      1. urotchimaru09's Avatar
        urotchimaru09 -
        nyc one.... ^_^
      1. kimmyyo's Avatar
        kimmyyo -
        this made me sad (((
      1. e_eMac's Avatar
        e_eMac -
        I agree to this coz BPO employee man pud ko
      1. IneedAhotel's Avatar
        IneedAhotel -
        happy happy happy
      1. Mr_Chips's Avatar
        Mr_Chips -
        family matters jud!
      1. Blazing Hunter's Avatar
        Blazing Hunter -
        Happy Happy Happy Happy
      1. Blazing Hunter's Avatar
        Blazing Hunter -
      1. jack_guitarfreak's Avatar
        jack_guitarfreak -
        ako medyo gamay rakog oras sa akong asawa mao mura syag naay artista sa balay basta naa ko
      1. jack_guitarfreak's Avatar
        jack_guitarfreak -
        i want to change for good kay basin mapul an akung asawa sa pag hulat nga mag ka oras ko niya

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