• Getting Creative with Potatoes

      The personal love of food has pushed me to be more creative and have fun while doing so. I have found out that this becomes handy, especially when you become a mother. Why? It’s because we need to be creative to come up with unconventional ways of serving healthy food (e.g., vegetables, etc.) to our kids without them shunning it right away at first sight or at first bite. Getting their healthy dose of food everyday is a challenge for most moms and I am sure that mothers out there agree with me.

      What I usually do is to make food look fun to eat as a way of enticing them to eat their veggies. Let’s take potatoes for example. You can’t just present a boiled potato to your kids and expect them to eat it right away. Kids these days tend to enjoy potatoes in a fast-food kind of servings- French fries, criss-cut or the regular stringy ones with barbecue or with cheese flavoring. By serving potatoes this way, eating is more fun and the plus side here is they get to eat their potatoes. The trick is how to make the potatoes as healthy as you could. (Tip: Use olive oil when frying potatoes).

      If you want them to try baked potatoes as they are healthier, here’s a fun trick I have mastered (and my kids love it). I call it as one of our comfort food—eating to your heart’s content without feeling any guilt or remorse after the deed has been done. You might want to try this out:

      6 big potatoes
      Bacon - fried until crisp
      Diced canned pineapple
      Sliced mushrooms
      Cheese sauce

      Optional toppings
      - grated parmesan
      - cheddar cheese
      - mozarella cheese
      - sliced olives
      - broccoli florets
      - any topping you want

      Wash the potatoes thoroughly
      - wrap each potato with aluminum foil
      - arrange in a pan

      Preheat the oven to 350 degrees celsius
      - bake the potatoes for 45-50 minutes (until the sides are soft when pressed)

      Be careful when taking out the potatoes, the aluminum foil will be hot and the potatoes will be steaming hot too. Peel off the aluminum foil carefully take out the potatoes.
      - slice the potatoes in half
      - top with cheese sauce to make sure your toppings stays put.
      - sprinkle some bacon bits
      - add the pineapples, mushrooms, olives & broccoli or put toppings according to your preference.
      - sprinkle some grated parmesan, mozarella & cheddar cheese.

      Baking it again for 2 minutes is optional, just to let the grated cheese melt.

      Serves 6 - 1 potato per person.

      Voila! Enjoy!

      iSTORYA Kitchenology
      by Janice Yuvallos

      The iSTORYA Kitchenology is a column of the iSTORYA.NET homepage that talks about recipes and other food experiments! You can also view other discussions at our Food and Dining forums!
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      1. mushy08's Avatar
        mushy08 -
        wow! this is interesting and looks yummy! i'm definitely going to give it a try.
      1. noearthko's Avatar
        noearthko -
        nice one.
      1. hmchua's Avatar
        hmchua -
        very creative jud..
      1. jack_guitarfreak's Avatar
        jack_guitarfreak -
        wew i want to learn more
      1. Galadriel's Avatar
        Galadriel -
        Quote Originally Posted by mushy08 View Post
        wow! this is interesting and looks yummy! i'm definitely going to give it a try.
        do try it out and tell us how it turned out.

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