• Get ready for the New 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4

      Ford’s brand-new 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 is a favorite in the pick-up trucks category, with its trademark utilitarian power packaged neatly with sleek aesthetics and luxurious accommodations.

      Ford Philippines launched the new model of the Ford Ranger late last year equipped with enhanced power, performance, and smart and safe features. The new “Built Ford Tough” Ranger expands on its capabilities and off-road credentials to best complement and enable the wide-ranging diversity of its customer’s work and lifestyles.

      Once the tool of choice for people whose business required heavy towing, payload and off-roading, pickup trucks like the Ford Ranger have evolved into modern lifestyle vehicles that offer the same comfort and technologies as cars, but with the versatility and toughness to function as a workhorse, business partner, family vehicle, and anything in-between. Work or play, the modern pickup truck is the ultimate expression of independence and local enterprise.

      The 2019 Ford Ranger epitomizes that unique blend and select members of Cebu media, myself included, got the rare treat of being able to get behind these beautiful beasts for an entire day of trekking up and down Cebu’s mountain terrain in an event called the Ford Ranger Cebu Media Tour.

      To better showcase the 2019 Ford Ranger, the Ford team along with the media drove up to the mountain barangay of Babag. The group made way to the famed Lettuce on the Rocks in Sudlon, carrying container drums to donate to the farmers in that region.

      From Sudlon, the group loaded produce to deliver to the Cebu City Resource Management and Development Center, before hitting the road once again and making our way through the winding roads of Lusaran and then, onto the Cebu Transcentral Highway.

      The kind of roads that we drove through was diverse: some were long, some winding, some rocky, while some were downright steep and narrow. But no matter the terrain, all were no match for the 2019 Ford Ranger 4x4 as we breezed through them with the new 2.0 liter bi-turbo engine. The vehicle’s handling was precise and responsive, no matter what pace we were driving with.

      To add to that, no matter how prickly conditions got outside, things remained cool inside with the 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4’s luxury car-like interior. A leather-laced dashboard, a multi-functional steering wheel, and a wide-screen multimedia system just added even more value to an already valuable driving experience.

      After driving for most of the day through a treacherous route, one might think that we’d be bruised and battered from the grueling drive. But no, it didn’t feel like it; rather, we felt like we drove around on a cloud that just happened to boast of a ferocious engine — that’s the 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 for you!

      The new Ranger offers a choice of three diesel powertrains to deliver greater versatility and meet consumer demands for a wider variety of requirements. These include the new generation 2.0L Bi-Turbo and 2.0L Turbo engines, and the Ranger’s proven 2.2L TDCi engine.

      Available exclusively on the Wildtrak 4x4 variant, the new-generation 2.0L Bi-Turbo diesel is paired with an advanced 10-speed automatic transmission to bring greater torque, improved flexibility and a quieter, more comfortable drive. The 2.0L Bi-Turbo takes advantage of sequential turbocharging to deliver greater responsiveness, drivability and maximum efficiency. A pair of turbochargers are employed for maximum performance and efficiency. A variable geometry turbocharger is employed to deliver greater throttle response and eliminate lag by spooling up quickly at low speeds. The second unit is a fixed geometry turbocharger with a high flow capacity to deliver maximum power and performance.

      With 500Nm from a low 1750rpm, the Bi-Turbo delivers a greater torque spread, with the 10-speed’s close ratios reducing gaps in power and acceleration to make steep, slippery hill-climbs, for instance, much easier. The Wildtrak variant optioned with the new engine maintain Ranger’s equal class-leading payload and 3500kg towing capability.

      The 2.0L Turbo diesel engine, available on the Wildtrak 4x2, is also mated to Ford’s advanced 10-speed automatic transmission to deliver 180PS and an impressive 420Nm of torque.

      The XLT and XLS variants, which now includes a Ranger 2.2L XLS 4x2 AT variant in the portfolio, are equipped with Ranger’s proven 2.2L TDCi engine, which offers 160PS/385Nm and comes with a six-speed automatic or manual transmission.

      The new Ranger also boasts of advanced smart and safe features for a more comfortable and convenient drive. The Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) feature helps mitigate risks by detecting pedestrians and vehicles, alerting drivers with an audible and visual warning. With the AEB, the new Ranger pre-charges brakes to increase brake-assist sensitivity providing full responsiveness when the driver brakes.

      In a segment-first, the new Ranger’s easy-to-live-with features include Active Park Assist (APA), which helps the driver find parallel parking spaces and steers itself to a parking spot. All the driver needs to do is control the throttle and brake.

      Also available on the new Ranger is the Adaptive Cruise Control feature, which senses traffic and adjusts speed automatically. When traffic slows down, the new Ranger slows down too. As soon as traffic clears, the new Ranger returns to its pre-set speed. Meanwhile, the Lane Departure Warning feature vibrates the steering wheel if the driver unintentionally moves out of his/her lane at certain speed.

      The new Ranger’s striking exterior sees styling updates that carry on the off-road stance and visual appeal of its predecessor. With a bold new grille, a more distinctively-chiseled lower bumper now offers a broader intake for a more balanced look. Ranger Wildtrak variants boast LED daytime running lights and HID headlights for optimal visibility and vision, as well as hoop sports bar, roof rails and bed rails.

      The new Ranger’s interior is also home to an array of upgrades. With durable and tactile surface finishes ensuring a long lifespan with a premium touch and feel, the spacious Ranger interior now sports a black theme. Contrasting detailing such as shadow chrome and silver accent stitching help give Ranger’s interior a more luxurious feel.

      The 8 variants of the new Ranger are available at the following price points:

      · Ranger 2.0L Bi-Turbo Wildtrak 4x4 AT – PHP1,745,000

      · Ranger 2.0L Turbo Wildtrak 4x2 AT – PHP1,505,000

      · Ranger 2.0L Turbo Wildtrak 4x2 MT – P1,440,000

      · Ranger 2.2L XLT 4x2 AT – PHP1,283,000

      · Ranger 2.2L XLT 4x2 MT – PHP1,223,000

      · Ranger 2.2L XLS 4x4 MT – PHP1,228,000

      · Ranger 2.2L XLS 4x2 AT – PHP1,139,000

      · Ranger 2.2L XLS 4x2 MT – PHP1,079,000

      The new Ranger is available in Ford Cebu located at Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City with telephone number 231-9180 and in Ford Minglanilla located at Plaza Margarita, Lipata, Minglanilla, Cebu. (Jonas Panerio)
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