• Ford shares tips on keeping your car in shape while in the garage

      With the enhanced community quarantine to further contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, private vehicles will now have to be parked in the garage for a longer period of time, limiting movement only to purchase essential products such as food and medicines.

      In order to keep your vehicle in good condition while parked in your garage, here are car care tips from Ford that you can follow:

      1. Choose a parking spot
      Picking a spot where to park your vehicle is very important to its overall well-being. Do not park it on grass or soil, because moisture can make its way up and rust certain parts of your vehicle. Make sure to choose a covered area, or an area out of direct sunlight, and has a solid floor.

      2. Give your vehicle a wash
      Spend time to wash your vehicle in your garage or parking area once in a while to ensure you are able to remove dirt particles or even bird droppings. These will be harder to remove after a couple of days if left uncleaned.

      3. Clean and place a dehumidifier inside the cabin
      Give your interior thorough vacuum and throw away food particles or remnants. Having a clean car will avoid insects and animals from entering your vehicle and potentially causing damage to it. Placing an off the shelf dehumidifier inside your vehicle can help combat unwanted moisture, especially in more humid climates.

      4. Fill up the fuel tank
      Make sure to fill the fuel all the way to the brim. This avoids a gap in your fuel tank where oxygen can oxidize. Oxidization is a chemical reaction between the fuel and oxygen which results in gum forming in your fuel tank, which can cause damage to your vehicle if not properly cleaned before using.

      5. Overinflate the tires
      The tire pressure can slowly drop over a period of time, even when the car is not in use. Ensure that you overinflate your tires and the spare tire before parking your vehicle. This can also avoid flat spots forming on your tires.

      6. Leave the parking brake down
      If you leave your parking brake engaged, it could possibly become stuck or seized after being parked over time. Unless you are parked on a slope, simply shift your vehicle into Park for automatic transmissions, or engage the first gear for manual transmissions. Keep in mind about shifting back the transmission to Park or engage the gear back to neutral for manual transmission when starting the car.

      7. Lift your wiper blades
      This very simple advice can save you money and time after the strict travel restrictions. Lift the wipers and place a ball of cloth underneath it so the blades are not touching the windshield. Heat can damage the wiper blades over time and take away its wiping credibility.

      8. Start your car once a week
      Take at least 10 minutes every week to start your vehicle. Let the engine idle so the oil and other fluids can circulate through the engine. This will also enable to recharge your battery if you do not have a trickle charger. This will keep your battery healthy and ensure an efficient start every time.
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      1. elina0K's Avatar
        elina0K -
        Hello!) Thanks so much for tips. Keeping car in the shape is important. I always spend a lot of time to clean my car even if it's parked in the garage. You helped me
      1. stefangrim's Avatar
        stefangrim -
        This is a fascinating article. I am delighted that I read this information, and now I will know how to store my car in the garage correctly. I remember my grandfather used to have a vehicle kept in the garage. You can't even imagine in what good condition this car was. As a teenager, I always dreamed that when I grew up, I would drive this car. But then our family had to sell the car because we needed the money. So I never got to go around in my grandfather's car. But now, I am happy that there is an opportunity to rent a Retro vehicle and get a classic car driving experience. After all, it is very cool to drive a classic car on some trip, enjoy this driving experience, and remember my childhood.
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      1. william1992's Avatar
        william1992 -
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