• Extra Rice, Please!

      Gone are the days when we just eat what we want without worrying about big-a*s diseases. Right now, it’s all but normal to check out that calorie count or nutritional facts at the back of the labels of what we buy at the stores. We see sprouting gyms all over and any form of exercise added to our daily routine is now a must to stay healthy.

      Filipinos are rice lovers. Seriously. Lechon won’t be complete without puso, or champorado wouldn’t taste good in wheat. Add humba or adobo sauce to a pot of just-cooked rice and voila—it’s heaven! We pair rice with almost anything—Star margarine (remember this), Milo, condensed milk, sugar. You name it, being rice lovers is evident in our every meal.

      However, I always hear this with almost every dieting person I meet—“Di na ko mag rice kay manambok ko!” or if one orders everything else except rice, this is then followed by an eyebrow-rising question, “Nag diet ka?

      This has been a misconception among us that rice makes us fat.

      Yes, you read that right.

      Misconception. False belief.

      This is a misconception and it gives the rice lesser credit than it should have. It’s like judging a person without knowing his or her qualities first.

      Let us first ask ourselves, what else did we eat?
      And how much/many did we eat?
      Did we have chicken/pork skin last night?
      Did we have bacon and hotdogs for breakfast?
      Or a fruit salad for dinner?(mayonnaise/heavy cream plus sugar)

      Source: WhatsOnNingbo

      These are just a few examples of calorie-dense food, meaning these are rich in calories but not the macronutrients that are essential. It’s either high in saturated fat or sugar that basically, will not be used up throughout the entire day (if you don’t exercise) and will be stored as FAT instead. We tend to point our fingers to poor old rice instead and jump into conclusions that rice makes us fat. We blame rice to be the cause, forgetting the one fact that we are sometimes taking too many calories or too much calories. We call this a calorie surplus.

      So, what I’m trying to say is—go easy on our poor old buddy—rice. It has its great benefits which are the following:

      • Great energy source

      – it is rich in carbohydrates, acting as fuel for the body and aids in brain normal brain function.
      • Cholesterol free – it does not contain harmful fats/cholesterol and sodium that affect cholesterol levels.
      • Vitamin-Rich – an excellent source of vitamin D, calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.
      • Resistant Starch – it abounds in resistant starch, which reaches bowel in undigested form. It aids the growth of useful bacteria for bowel movements.
      • Gluten-free – very essential especially for people who have celiac disease or those having problems with their body interacting with gluten.

      So rice is definitely a good source of carbohydrates, especially brown rice that has low glycemic index rating-- it won’t spike up your blood sugar levels. Common thing is, most people don’t measure how much they are eating. A cup of rice is about 54 grams of carbohydrates which is around 216 calories in estimate. Because of its form, it is easy to eat and digest so we tend to eat a lot.

      Learn to count your calories.

      Rice isn’t fattening.
      Rather, calorie surplus/overeating is fattening.

      Extra rice?

      Bring it on.

      Facts By: Stanly C. Inso
      Krusade (iSTORYAn nick)

      Edited by: thisbe.ara (EIC)

      Krusade is both food and fitness enthusiast. He is a fitness instructor in one of the best gyms in Lapu-Lapu City. He is also a chef. He maintains a Facebook page that talks about Nutrition and Fitness.. Check it out--> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nutrit...12582768825198
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      Comments 32 Comments
      1. markytrigger's Avatar
        markytrigger -
        ayos ni aron dli ta ingnon nagdiet kay gkan extra rice to 1 rice nalng
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        igo ko ani dah.. kng mag diet kunuhay ko, i eliminate rice first.. waaa!! tnx sa info!

        btw, might i just say that that kid is beyond cute? *gigil mode*
      1. CrasHBURN's Avatar
        CrasHBURN -
        dili ko mag rice bai kay diet ko... -instead nag higop ug pochero, gi kaon ang mga gulay nga nag absorb sa fat, and nag ICED tea (at least 40-100g sugar in each serving, thats like 1-2 cups of rice in liquid form, and spikes up insulin fast).
      1. mudstaticz's Avatar
        mudstaticz -
        lami na e-extra rice da...
      1. krusade's Avatar
        krusade -
        yey mao diay na... currently rice akoa carbs kasagaran sa diet.. kay para dli ko mag water retention tungod gluten free cya.. weeee xD
      1. tenda's Avatar
        tenda -
        sus di pa ko pag rice during dinner sometimes. sud-an lang ang kaonon pero puno diay to sa chlolesterol gihapon.. sayopa diay ni akong way of diet oi.
      1. abbaross's Avatar
        abbaross -
        nice article..ya, it isn't the rice..it's all those junkfood we eat..
      1. liza_ann_flordeliz's Avatar
        liza_ann_flordeliz -
        korek, overeating hinungdan ngano tambok, dili ang rice, naghalf rice pa kuno pero isa pud ka panaksan nga sud-an gikaon unya bottomless ice tea pa. hehehehe
      1. mico1984's Avatar
        mico1984 -
        food trip..
      1. redner109's Avatar
        redner109 -
        ang taba naman haha
      1. pcwalker's Avatar
        pcwalker -
        so helpful article,, haha. mga nagdiet dra basa na!
      1. kabisdak's Avatar
        kabisdak -
        eat much and exercise enough
      1. inc-pankz's Avatar
        inc-pankz -
        nice article. . what are we waiting for. .rice rice haha. .btaw saktong kaon lng gud, nya walking2. . i need to lose wt gani . .short time goal, 26lbs this year
      1. MacJhie's Avatar
        MacJhie -
        too much food is not good!
      1. madz_makatigbas's Avatar
        madz_makatigbas -
        mao sakto jd..ako lage cge ko rice wa man japon ni dako ako tiyan... xD
      1. guty's Avatar
        guty -
        useless diay ning no rice nako da... ha3
      1. gsmalarm's Avatar
        gsmalarm -
        I want to gain weight, but doesn't have big appetite. Eat lots of food makes me feel un-comfortable.
      1. R_sQuArEd's Avatar
        R_sQuArEd -
        ang tunay na lalake ay nage-extra rice
      1. ellejay's Avatar
        ellejay -
        diet !!!!! mameeeen !
      1. thewicked46's Avatar
        thewicked46 -
        so true..sa kanang mg diet dha u can still rice man ghapon but much better if mg fruits nalang nia salads..

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