• How to Enjoy Sembreak

      Sembreak, short for semestral break, is just around the corner. After all the tedious school work you have for the last four months, it is time to take a break, relax and enjoy a week long vacation.

      No money?
      No need to shell out during sembreak. There are fun things you can do when you are on a budget. What is important is you get to have some fun while on vacation.

      Catch up on some zzzz’s
      If you are the type who crams every night whether or not you have an exam, this is the perfect opportunity for you to catch some sleep. Studies have shown that people who lack sleep every night increase the risk of having chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even Alzheimer’s.

      Sembreak is the perfect time for you to get a goodnight’s sleep.

      Eat healthy home-cooked meals
      Many college students living in dorms and boarding houses usually eat at fast food restaurants, carenderias/food eateries and convenience stores. Going home during sembreak is a great time to replenish your body with healthy meals cooked by your mother, grandmother, auntie or your neighbor. Take this vacation as an opportunity to learn healthy cooking.

      Take a family picture to capture the moment

      Visit your relatives
      Speaking of grandmother and auntie, use this weeklong vacation to visit your relatives and bond with them. Aside from saying hello during the annual visit to the cemetery, it would be nice to actually go to their house and get together even for a short period of time.

      Set up a picnic at the park. Or have a road trip.
      Gather up your friends and stroll along the park. Get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Or you can go on a road trip for a more adventurous experience. Prepare some packed lunch, cookies, chips and some drinks and you are all set. Prep for time? You can order take-outs from fast food restaurants or eat out at a street corner carenderia.

      Read a book
      Bookworms will get the chance to read the long overdue books sleeping in dusty shelves. You can also go to a library or book store and check out new books to read. Avoid textbooks as much as possible if you want to enjoy your sembreak, unless of course you’re really into it.

      One week may seem short to many as there are lots of great adventures to experience during vacation time. Hold on to those plans though for the long summer vacation. Just enjoy the time off from school projects, textbooks and school activities and have some fun for a few days. What is important is you are refreshed and re-energized for the next semester.

      Maria Celeste Abellana
      iSTORYA League of Writers

      Celeste is a content writer. blogger. social media addict. learning social media marketing. loves music and coffee. work-from-home mom. single parent to an awesome boy who is growing up too fast.
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      1. iampaul07's Avatar
        iampaul07 -
        one of the seasons i used to look up to. missed this
      1. jasminerivs's Avatar
        jasminerivs -
        the most awaited moment of the students
      1. bodieandtheblowfish's Avatar
        bodieandtheblowfish -
        me too.....
      1. chrisla's Avatar
        chrisla -
        hey! in case you guys want extra cash this sembreak, you can write articles and earn up to P500 day. that's what I'm doing now. just pm me for more info

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