• Of Ends and Restarts

      The movie 2012 will now be moved to the comedy genre, says one Facebook status I read earlier.

      The thought of Nostradamus face-palming and Mayans table-flipping gave me a smile. For some, their prediction fail on the world ending on December 21, 2012, gave them more than just smiles—it gave them reason to celebrate life.

      It was a nice try predicting the world’s end but here’s my take on the prediction failure, and maybe these are some things that do not need predictions. These are some things we have to know deep in our hearts.

      • Predictions are not reality.
      We should not rely on predictions on how the world will end. We do have our own beliefs and I will not insist on what to believe. All I know is that destiny is not based on what is written. Rather, we are the writers. We make our own destiny.

      • That we each have our own end.
      On a personal note, I’ve had one heck of a year. You might as well say, my world may have ended with the many blows, pitfalls, stony paths and boulders hurled towards me.

      What I’m trying to say is, a world’s end is not just the great flood or asteroids hitting the earth. A world’s end is one person giving up on hope and love, when one does not have any idea of his own existence, when there’s no more reason anymore to live.

      Look around you. There are many people whose worlds just ended with the death of a loved one, or the failure of success, or not being able to tell someone they love them. We each have our own end. We determine our own end.

      For those who know my story, it’s a wonder that I am still alive and writing this note. Which brings me to my third point:

      • We can always restart.
      As long as your nostrils are still flaring, you can still feel, breathe, taste, see, hear and as long as you wake up each morning, you can always choose to restart. I’ve read that it is inevitable for us to get hurt. We all do get hurt. But it is always our choice to be miserable. So, in my case, I wake up each morning, thank God for keeping me alive and try to restart and survive one day at a time.

      Restart happens when you flip your choices—when you would rather hope to live rather than disintegrate and wallow into misery; when you find other reasons to survive when one went away; when one discovers why he exists instead of putting down the idea of existence; when one reaches out to other individuals in need rather than expecting people to hurl you out of your misery.

      Ends are inevitable, but restarts are always a choice.

      • Focus not on the ending but how the story went.

      If the world really ended last December 21, how do you think your life fared? I would like to think that we each have a chance to be great. We each have an opportunity to inspire. And if we just grab that opportunity, I think the world will continue, in a better place with our small contributions.

      The world ending should not be feared. What should shake your scare glands is the world ending and you not being able to do your own share, and not actualizing your existence, to just be a living eunuch and survive with maybe's and what if's and should have's. This feeling of zombie uselessness is worse than asteroids crashing down on earth and the Mayans running out of rock space.

      Focus not on what happens if the world will end but what happens to the world if you would be gone. Did you leave something good? Did you make it a better place? Have you exhausted all your efforts to show your loved ones and friends that you do care? For sure, you can always put this aside as we are so arrogant sometimes that the world will just continue. But we are never sure, and it will not be predicted for only God knows when our world will end.

      All we can do is not wait for the end to come to do the things we love, to extend love and to ground our existence and our worth—inspire, live, actualize your purpose and survive while the world continues to revolve and evolve. This way, Nostradamus and Mayans can predict all they want but when the world actually ends, you could dare say, “Ah, I did my part!”

      With that, in behalf of iSTORYA.NET, we wish each and every one of you to have eventful daily restarts, a heart that may be scarred but can still beat, strong enough to reach out and inspire, and a full 2013, with souls unafraid of any world end.

      We know we are ready for the days and years ahead!

      Happy Happy New Year to all!

      Editor-in-Chief (yes, I still am)
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      1. razorblde's Avatar
        razorblde -
        mode: RESTART
      1. beyee's Avatar
        beyee -
        Thanks so much Ara for this one.
        You just gave me an idea of my long overdue plan.
        Happy New Year!

        *bear hugs*
      1. noearthko's Avatar
        noearthko -
        inspiring. Happy New Year! time to restart.
      1. jestrada12000's Avatar
        jestrada12000 -
        Happy new RESTART to everyone!
      1. Andy Xtian's Avatar
        Andy Xtian -
        very inspiring indeed..
      1. sevmik's Avatar
        sevmik -
        the mayans were the greatest trolls ever

        i live life the same way, it ends everytime i sleep and restarts upon waking up. that way, it keeps me sanely anchored to my faith amid the daily dramedy of our society.

        "Editor-in-Chief (yes, I still am)" <--- ay layk! hahaha
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        thanks for reading, everyone!!

        hi bro sevmik! iSTORYAn Writers to meet soon!
      1. IneedAhotel's Avatar
        IneedAhotel -
        IF life has been predicted i think that would be boring since we would know what will happen. we anticipate the things to come. The elements of SURPRISE will be missing.
      1. kit_cebu's Avatar
        kit_cebu -
        it's just another day for modern people...
        dec.22 is just another day to move forward...and so will be the next days until we reach the inevitability...of our own personal "end of the world"...

        meri xmas/happy new year ms.ara...
      1. spektrum's Avatar
        spektrum -
        it's not really the end of the world... if you are familiar with the zodiac age or aeon it's actually the end of the old cycle and also the end of Piscean Age and the start of Aquarian Age.
      1. spektrum's Avatar
        spektrum -
        the mayans did not say it's the end of world.. only the movie 2012 did say that. creating a confusing and infecting meme in the society.
      1. jamesvincent's Avatar
        jamesvincent -
        Love the cartoons! Succinctly funny!
      1. sevmik's Avatar
        sevmik -
        Quote Originally Posted by thisbe.ara View Post
        thanks for reading, everyone!!

        hi bro sevmik! iSTORYAn Writers to meet soon!
        yay! nice, timing kay i'm going back to copywriting in 2013. gikapoy na ko layout and design
      1. Mr_Chips's Avatar
        Mr_Chips -
        <--- restarting today
      1. Peenut's Avatar
        Peenut -
        nice post mam Ara. ^_^
      1. aeonstyle's Avatar
        aeonstyle -
        Heartwarming and wonderfully written. I may not know your past but every word in this article gradually unravels a great tapestry of your worthy existence. Thank you for the inspiration.
      1. jbalbs's Avatar
        jbalbs -
        RESTART.. what ever that means, i hope it happens
      1. sarang's Avatar
        sarang -
        thanks for this Ma'am, inspiring..
      1. jofer's Avatar
        jofer -
        a good read
      1. Blazing Hunter's Avatar
        Blazing Hunter -
        Good Nice......

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