• What Do You Work For?

      G2000 and Asia’s new breed of workers have something to say

      Why do you work? For many, it’s about money, security, or status. Asia’s new breed of workers, Gen 2, aspires to something bigger – Working for Values.

      Presley Gerber

      G2000 embraces the new ‘Work’ philosophy, which is about striving for a higher purpose. To pay homage to Gen 2's ‘Work for Values’ vision, G2000 has teamed up with five inspiring influencers including Cindy Crawford’s son, Presley Gerber, making his debut in Asia.

      Kearen Pang

      G2000’s new ‘Work for Values’ campaign features model Presley Gerber, as well as cross-media artist Kearen Pang, social entrepreneur Carol Chyau, Food Bank founder Nicholas Ng, and green architect Jaye Irving. Throughout the campaign, they share how they work “For a better Me, For a better We”, a belief also firmly shared by G2000.

      For new generation model Presley Gerber, it is Work for Self-Respect:“Living gratefully is a form of self-respect.” With ‘be grateful’ tattooed on his arm, says, “I am truly grateful for what we have. Living gracefully is a way to respect your life.”

      Nicholas Ng

      “Our family is passionate about food, and we have been working in the food industry for generations,” says Nicholas Ng, co-founder of Singapore’s first Food Bank. He believes in Work for Humanity: “Nothing should go to waste, no one should go hungry”.

      Cross-media artist Kearen Pang has long been passionate about arts. Despite challenges and difficulties, she has faith that what she is doing will create a greater appreciation of arts. She believes in: Work for Arts: “You need to step out to see how your story unfolds”.

      Yak Down social enterprise founder Carol Chyau was inspired to set up her business when she traveled in the rural areas of China. She discovered that by creating a business to support yak herders, she could help them to live a dignified, sustainable life. Work for Hope: “To give the helpless a sustainable hope”.

      Jaye Irving

      Australia-based green architect Jaye Irving has won many awards and accolades for his sustainable projects. “When we work, we should not be destroying nature and depriving the next generation. My philosophy is about being part of the solution, not part of the problem,” says Jaye. Work for Green: “It’s not about grand design, but working with nature”, he says.

      The label G2000, first introduced in 1985, started as a specialty clothing chain distributing fashionable men’s and women’s career wear. Today, the G2000 Group is a multi-brand specialty retailer operating under different labels: G2000 MAN, G2000 WOMAN, G2000 BLACK and At Twenty.

      Strong product concepts and a passion for relentless innovation have made G2000 an institution of the apparel retail industry in Asia. Today, the Group operates over 700 outlets in the region covering Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, and Jordan.
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