• On the Cover of City Career Guide: The iSTORYA.NET Management

      “It is a myriad of activities. It is alive with its members and really interactive in the true sense of the word.”
      - Where Social Media and Real Life Collide, The iSTORYA.NET’s Journey to Success (City Career Guide October Issue Cover)

      To Janice Yuvallos success is being able to make a difference. And make a difference they did when she and husband Gerald Yuvallos co-founded iSTORYA.NET, Cebu’s popular online community, back in 2002.

      iSTORYA.NET’s journey seemed to have started as a personal undertaking. Seeing the need for friends to voice out their opinions and tell their individual stories, the husband-and-wife team set out to uplift the morale of Bisayans/Mindanaoans by creating an online forum as medium to talk and discuss issues and various things.

      “We are very passionate with our job because we started out with nothing. Then it grew into a community of friends. That’s how it is; we are family. We believe that we are one. And that alone drives us to be better,” says Ara Inso, the site’s editor-in-chief and social media manager.

      Janice believes that the online market is hungry for information. This is the reason why as community administrator of iSTORYA.NET, she makes sure their whole team of moderators, editors, web designers, writers and contributors uphold the organization’s tagline of reaching out, bridging gaps, and doing more than just talking.

      It’s important for iSTORYA.NET to keep fresh and relevant in a constantly changing environment and they achieve this by dispersing active moderators to man important forums within the site. The management, for its part, makes sure they are up to date with technology that the forum needs. These efforts keep iSTORYA.NET’s homepage current 24/7 for all of Web’s population to take in.

      Your iSTORYA.NET Team (L-R): thisbe.ara, BeoR, galadriel

      “We do have activities that are beyond the online medium. It is a myriad of activities. It is alive with its members and really interactive in the true sense of the word,” Ara says.

      Never Ending Stories

      Although any place can be a great setting for a story, what makes Cebu special for Janice is the fact that it is their home city, a place close to their hearts and is familiar with. A city they dearly love.

      For Ara, it is simply because Cebu (and its people) has a lot of great stories to tell. “Cebu and other Visayas and Mindanao neighboring provinces and cities contains a treasure box of stories, it being populated with passionate Cebuanos who defend their race and their faith. It has a very wide reach and Cebuanos are scattered all over the world, and with that innate need to reach out to their fellow Cebuanos, they share their different stories which makes it diverse and unique and experiential at the same time,” she explains.

      She compares the Cebu online audience to that of the Cebu buying public saying that both entities want honesty and diversity from their ‘products’. Cebuanos look for tales that spark emotions and recount real-life experiences. They also want things they can be proud of as a society. In short, Cebuanos are right on the mark: give them something that appeals to their taste and they will flock over it like bees to honey. Otherwise, they will trash it or not notice at all.

      It’s no wonder Web-savvy Cebuanos turn to iSTORYA.NET when they want a fix of heartwarming, no nonsense, actual stories. Both Janice and Ara agree that there have been many times when iSTORYA.NET has touched many hearts—some of the most memorable features include business highlights, Valentine affairs-of-the-heart, and stories of triumph. But it is Lito Inso’s battle “love letter to his wife” as he battled with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) that tops them all (Link here ). Often referred to as ‘the most moving story iSTORYA.NET has ever published,’ Lito’s struggle to overcome the disorder was well chronicled in the site, ending when he passed away on September 24, 2012. Lito, one of the pillars of iSTORYA.NET, was popularly known in the site by his username CrasHBURN.

      Social Media and Awareness

      Experts have claimed time and again how influential social media has become over the years. Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Linkedln collectively have billions of users and their voices get bigger and more important each year. The medium is here to stay and Internet users simply are happy to get stuck in.

      Because of social media’s influence to majority of the population, it can be a very strong tool to educate the public. Social media is a conglomeration of honest and truthful ideas from different individuals, so it becomes a very credible source for information, according to Ara. Today we hear about quad media (print, broadcast, digital and social media), and how the previous ‘big three’ have adopted social media as another effective technology to reach a large audience by mass communication.

      The iSTORYA.NET management with Jaze Garrido of Career First Institute

      In fact, what iSTORYA.NET has in its hands is the power to influence a culture of social awareness among its audience. Ara is confident that the site has already done exactly that. “If you can view our forums, it is very diverse and has a wealth of information ranging from politics down to small general discussion of how to improve one’s love life,” she says.

      Active members never run out of energy, especially in discussing social issues. iSTORYA.NET’s management sees the enthusiasm and has set up charities and outreach programs to entice members to reach out to the community. One of the best ways you can continue to build a community is to give back.

      As for their work ethics, it’s pure and simple: execute and deliver. Then share your ‘wares’ with grace and passion. These styles are sure to give you a workplace advantage.

      Original Article can be viewed here: CLICK ME!!!

      City Career Guide is the information medium of Career First Institute, one of iSTORYA.NET's trusted partners. They provide trainings, workshops, employment opportunities and corporate learning. To know more about them, you can visit their site at http://www.careerfirstinstitute.com/
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