• CebuDoc kicks off its month-long 50th Anniversary Celebration

      CebuDoc, the most trusted lifelong partner in healthcare, kicks off its month-long 50th Anniversary Celebration of serving compassionate and innovative services with the theme, "50 years of Improving Lives".

      It has been five decades now that a state-of-the-art healthcare facility has been providing quality services in the heart of Cebu City, the CebuDoc. This year's anniversary theme, "50 years of Improving Lives", has been emanating in the veins of every employee of the hospital, embodied it as values, and eventually made CebuDoc what it is now, the most outstanding hospital in the country in the private sector.

      To Doctor Potenciano S.D Larrazabal III, the President and Chairman of CebuDoc Group, the Golden Jubilee celebration is not an end of a long-time vision but a continuing legacy that will live onwards.

      "This celebration means that I have an additional 50 years to improve life to even further," the chairman said, emphasizing the impact of the milestone on his leadership.

      As the month-long anniversary celebration formally opens, an exhibit is being put up at CebuDoc Medical Arts Building 2 to show how CebuDoc has enlivened its mission with a deep commitment to compassionate service to the community through its timeline display. These will also reflect how CebuDoc has been consistent since the beginning.

      Employee History Poster Contest

      The history display will showcase each milestone CebuDoc reached since its inauguration in 1972.

      Further, the highlight of this event is the exhibit of the entries each hospital department has submitted that translate the commitment each staff has put out in the last 50 years. The display will also present how this strong workforce has maintained the consistency of the hospital's reputation.

      The hospital's core will judge these entries according to the significance it represents whoever could capture the most authentic representation will bring home cash prizes. The parade of entries will be available to the public for the rest of the month-long anniversary celebration.

      Remembering Dr. PVL

      As the exhibit reflects a fruitful 50 years of CebuDoc, Doctor Yong Larrazabal III also revisits the leadership of his father, the late Doctor Potenciano Larrazabal Jr. The latter founded and started the footing of this innovative healthcare facility.

      To Doctor Yong, he vowed to continue his father's legacy that has touched the lives of thousands from the beginning of his medical practice until the present.

      According to him, Doctor PVL's captaincy has been a key player in his decision-making and inspiration since his installation as president last 2017.

      "I didn't pressure myself. I saw my dad always as an inspiration, so whenever I get confused or stressed about things, I think about how we will do it or how I will think of how he'd do it and how he would deal with it. So he serves as my inspiration," he substantiated.

      "With that behind me, or my dad behind me, I'm very confident that whatever I do would be the right decision based on what I observed and learned from him for the past several years," he added.

      Now that CebuDoc has established to be a leading brand among other hospitals in Visayas and Mindanao, Doctor Yong further remembers the long-time vision of his father, which is to reach out and serve the Cebuano.

      "I want CebuDoc to be known as a hospital that has a heart, a hospital that has compassion, at the same time, a very innovative hospital," said Doctor Yong.

      As the country recovers from the pandemic, it has been an honor for CebuDoc to commemorate the decades of hard work with the public. Not just with the pillars but also with the people behind.
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