• Cebuís growing need of new energy sources

      Cebu is no stranger to developments. Over the years, the city has attracted investments from international corporations. The influx of these businesses has become the catalyst to Cebuís economic growth. Because of these developments, there is a higher demand for Cebuís workforce and now has become a home to a world class labor force.

      The economic growth of Cebu has not just changed the skyline of the city, the surge of development has also brought a serious demand for increase in supply of power. With this, companies and government agencies have been working together in exploring different options on power sources.

      To support the growing need of new power sources, there have been several studies made to source new energy sources from wind, heat, or solid waste converted to energy. Coal is also another energy that has been explored. Cebu hosts coal-fired power plants to support and deliver energy. But the move to creating more coal-fired power plants in Cebu has been opposed by environment advocates because of its negative impact. Aside from it causing harmful effects, the country does not have ample supply of coal, thus, creating the need to import. This makes it more expensive to produce in the long run. We cannot rely on this energy source alone. Cebu has to explore other energy sources.

      Exploration of cleaner natural gas

      Another energy source has been explored in Cebu is natural gas. In fact, there was a natural gas plant in the northern part of Cebu but supply has been used up after seven years. Last year, there has been a successful oil exploration in the southern part of Cebu. According to an article in Inquirer.net, the natural gas in the town of Alegria is in commercial quantities and with its current production level can last up to 19 years. And a few months ago, the Department of Energy has announced an attempt to explore the north again.

      Natural gas is one of the best options there is when it comes to energy. It is a cleaner alternative compared to fossil fuels, it produces less carbon dioxide, and it is cheaper to produce. A natural gas plant is also more flexible and easier to set-up compared to oil and coal. In the US, 32 out of the 50 states produce natural gas. They have slowly replaced coal energy with natural gas.

      New explorations and economic growth

      With the untapped and unexplored areas in Cebu, this could be a response to the increasing demand of energy. Current technology will play a great role in the exploration and discovery of more reserves within the province of Cebu, thus, the need for more foreign investors.

      The balance between economic growth and the development should be in place. In this light, a joint effort between the private sector and the local government should continue in seeking new energy sources to support the growing need. The Department of Energy should continue encouraging investors from the private sector to support the move as a means to economic growth.
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        I agree, we should not stand but should develop and continue to do everything in order to protect nature. I am an ardent fan of green energy and I think that this is our future. I thought for a long time and even compared the tariff plans on usave.co.uk and realized that green energy is very profitable. We see that a lot of countries have already switched to green energy and see that it is real. I do not understand why all countries can not do as well?

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