• Canon and Nikon: A Photographer's Comparison (Final Analysis & Conclusion)

      Hello Everyone, this is the last part of our series of articles for our Canon and Nikon comparative review. I would like to thank our readers for following this review and I hope that I was able to shed some light on some things.

      Links to Previous Series Articles:
      Part 1: Skin Tone and Color Tone Tests
      Part 2: Controls and High ISO Color Test
      Part 3: Digital Noise and Auto Focus

      For the last part, I will be talking about

      7. Auto White Balance
      as requested. The saying "Let the camera manage the colors", is not part of my philosophy. But anyway, here is my review:

      NOTE: I'm using the same photo as the previous post, since I already returned the D3S. Also about the game, (guess what camera) the answer to it is here or in the photo before it (LCD comparison). Congratulations to all those who answered correctly.

      1/100s, f3.5, ISO 250.

      Auto White Balance values:
      Nikon - temp 4500K, -3 tint
      Canon - temp 4650K, -4 tint

      Nikon did a good job with its Auto White Balance. I actually removed most of the "green casts" and according to the values, its color temp is 150K lower than Canon's. I was right in modifying the White Balance option in Lightroom. But still, according to my eyes looking at the actual thing here, I still see a bit of orange cast (close to nothing). You can see it in the pink and green parts of the photo plus the usual extra vividness of the colors.

      Canon's image on the other hand is still the closest to actual, though I still see a bit of magenta cast (very close to nothing too. I just want say it because I see it). They say Canon's colors are so dull. Well, I tell you this. It actually has a bit more saturation than the real thing. So for me it's not dull, it is just close to REALITY (no bias, though, accurate colors is considered BAD for a lot of people).

      Auto WB, both are pretty good.

      Color Accuracy, Canon wins.

      Color vividness, Nikon rules.

      bigger image here:

      Conclusion and Initial Decision

      For the conclusion, let me just enumerate the Pros and Cons. For me, there is no winner here, because again itís up to the artist's/user's taste.
      This is based on Nikon D3S, Canon 5D2 and 1D3. Other models may be different, most especially the non-Full frame ones.

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      1. sizzlingROBOT's Avatar
        sizzlingROBOT -
        Based on the output of each of the DSLR camera systems, I'm surprised to see that the difference between the two is incremental. Yes, for D3s, the value of red and green is (slightly) greater than Canon's 5DMII. I don't think that's bad unless one is a measurebator, who would say otherwise.
      1. gunsky's Avatar
        gunsky -
        nikon pic looks good
      1. redner109's Avatar
        redner109 -
        nikon is super nice

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