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      Finding Whatís Right

      If you think recruitment is an easy job, then think again.
      I mean, seriously, itís hard enough to find the right person or the right partner in your life. Think about how hard it is to attract individuals in sufficient numbers with the right skills and at appropriate times to be placed in the right jobs within the right organization. It is no easy feat, I tell you. Believe me, I know! Prior to pursuing my writing dream, I have been in the Human Resources for more than ten (10) years!

      That is speaking from the perspective of the recruiter. On the other side of the coin, finding the right job for you is not easy! There are a lot of graduates every year and fewer jobs. People tend to settle for less than they are worth or go someplace else to find the opportunities that they believe is not offered here in our place.

      That is where job websites/recruiters come in. Like Mynimo. If you are Cebuano or a Visayan even, and you are at the age where you are working, I am sure that you have heard of Mynimo.com!

      The vibrant team of Mynimo.com

      The Bridge of Working Relationships
      Owned and operated by fellow iSTORYAn, weswes, Mynimo understands both the needs of the future employer and the future employees. Recruiters are like the bridges of a relationship that is about to unfold.

      It was in 2007 when Mynimo started posting in iSTORYA.NET and weswes is proud that he collaborates only with iSTORYA.NET with regards to online forums. To note, Mynimo is the strongest Cebu-based online website. At the time of its creation, there was no other job website that was focused on jobs in Cebu at that time. Mynimo was created with the belief that the Cebu community was ready with talents and sufficient employers for a job website.

      The Recruitment arena is very big that somehow most talents and employers do not know where to look for each other. Some companies are not that adept or open yet to online job searches, still relying on expensive tri-media for advertisements. For job seekers, they also tend to seek out jobs in cluttered tri-media channels. This is where Mynimo.com plays a crucial role in the community.
      Mynimo makes it fast and easy for job seekers and employers to meet. It helps companies find the right people more effectively at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional classified ads. And job seekers can apply to an updated list of job vacancies for free anytime. The challenge now is for job seekers to meet the rapidly changing requirements of businesses in Cebu.

      The Perfect Mix
      Weswes believes that iSTORYA.NET has played a very crucial role in helping Mynimo.com become the Number One job website in Cebu. iSTORYA.NET, for him, has a very loyal and intelligent fan/user base. The online forum site can be a very good influence in making your products or services both popular online and offline.

      For us, it is a very good collaboration, a perfect concoction, if I must say so. Mynimo helps aspiring iSTORYAn job seekers find jobs and iSTORYA.NET provides the market. The traffic is there, most members are from Cebu and are Cebuano and the fact that iSTORYA.NET is an online forum trims down the search for those who know where to search for jobs and who understands the objective of Mynimo.

      Mynimo.com's Promotional Video

      Tips from Cebuís Job Master
      Your reputation will be what sets you apart from your competition. Deliver on your promises and always take the long term-perspective when dealing with people.

      For inquiries about job searches and online job advertisements, contact Mynimo.com or PM weswes of ISTORYA.NET.
      Contact number: (032) 505-4205
      Website: www.mynimo.com
      Facebook: www.facebook.com/mynimo
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      You can also discuss about Jobs and other concerns in the following threads:


      Ready to amp up your business with iSTORYA.NET just like weswes' Mynimo.com? Click on this link--> The Watermelon Theory!
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      Comments 12 Comments
      1. Blazing Hunter's Avatar
        Blazing Hunter -
        Nindota ani god
      1. Blazing Hunter's Avatar
        Blazing Hunter -
      1. ibarrain's Avatar
        ibarrain -
        Meron palang ganitong website? Di ko kasi alam eh. Sa Cebu lang ba toh? pano yung Manila Jobs? Davao Jobs? pagtingin ko puros CebuJobs lang meron dito eh. Sana makahanap ako.
      1. alenteria's Avatar
        alenteria -
        ang galing ng site na to.!.. sa Cebu lng ba 2 applicable.?
      1. kool_choi's Avatar
        kool_choi -
        laina pag narrate oi..murag mynimow na noon kung paminawon..heheh..pero nice mynimo.. naa ako migo diha dev..heheh
      1. paparazzi's Avatar
        paparazzi -
        an excellent job classified online, I'm been browsing at mynimo.com and make referral also for my friends who looks for job. keep it up!
      1. ibarrain's Avatar
        ibarrain -
        pwede ba ayusin naman nila ang design ng mynimo kasi hindi siya user friendly. I know this can help. other jobs site is simple and informative. critisism makes perfect. nice one mynimo.!
      1. jkar's Avatar
        jkar -
        thanks mynimo. got 2 jobs from them and helped in my hiring process.
      1. pamboy's Avatar
        pamboy -
        fast loading job website...nice one!
      1. zelhan's Avatar
        zelhan -
        ka nice keep it up guys
      1. AnneJanitor's Avatar
        AnneJanitor -
        We are a team of two who work as a part time janitress. Well experienced, honest and can be trusted. We can clean the whole house including comfort rooms and outside the house. Do gardening also. We had experienced cleaning 10 room house in just 1 day already and got good feedback. Just call us now at +639 99 421 2646.
        Look for Ann and Rose.
      1. Teleperformance PH's Avatar
        Teleperformance PH -
        Teleperformance Philippines gives our thanks to the Mynimo Team for having such a huge role in the progress of our Cebu site. Keep it up!

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