• Building customer loyalty thru RUSH

      Globe myBusiness has recently conducted its latest edition of the Globe myBusiness Academy at the World Street Food Congress last June 2. Attended by a number of business owners, the event showcased the latest innovations for entrepreneurs.

      One of the products on spotlight is the latest customer loyalty app RUSH, which enables business owners like you to build a custom-branded loyalty app to keep your customers coming back. Easy to use and setup for just P1,299 a month, you can engage with your customers through a digital punch card that rewards your customers for every visit or purchase.

      Unilever Food Solutions Country Marketing Manager Pat Mallari gives a talk at the Globe myBusiness Academy on building customer loyalty and conducts a demo of the UFS Website and UFS Chef Rewards powered by RUSH.

      Unilever Food Solutions, one of the first Globe partners to use customer loyalty app - RUSH, shared their insights on building customer loyalty and how RUSH has been an instrumental platform for building a great customer relationship. Heading their keynote is Pat Mallari, Unilever Food Solutions Country Marketing Manager. Here, she shares her list of top things you should consider when building customer loyalty.

      Globe myBusiness VP and Segment Marketing Head Debbie Obias welcoming business owners at the Globe myBusiness Academy held at the World Street Food Congress 2017

      1. Challenge the notion of “customer loyalty” with building customer trust and relationship. Mallari started off her keynote by asking the question “is customer loyalty dead?” What used to be decided by just the product alone, customer loyalty has evolved with the times. Customers now look forward to exceptional customer service and rewards and the occasional VIP treatment.

      2. Engage customers with a mix of the right content with the perfect context. In the digital age, customers are bombarded with lots of information online, coming from ads, reviews, opinions from friends etc. Make your content stand out with engaging content with a personal approach, and target your customers using the relevant medium, at the right moment and at the right time.

      3. Use digital tools to support your content and context-driven storytelling. Unilever Food Solutions utilizes the UFS Website, which is a perfect blend of content and context. The website houses a collection of relevant content that provides stories, recipes and an easier way to order ingredients based on the user’s profile.

      4. Digitize the reward experience. RUSH can help reward customers digitally, through points. It uses a personalized approach to redeem points, which customers can claim at their own time and convenience.

      Business owners interested in getting started with their customer relationship journey may avail of RUSH through Globe myBusiness with a free 30-day trial. Simply sign-up at rush.ph/Globemybusiness to avail and learn more.
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      1. Udeer's Avatar
        Udeer -
        How about sales incentive program, do you work them?
      1. Gaspot's Avatar
        Gaspot -
        Quote Originally Posted by Udeer View Post
        How about sales incentive program, do you work them?
        I can recommend marketing company which will help you. It is Online rewards https://online-rewards.com/services/ here you can find their services. I worked with this company for creating customer loyalty system for my online business. I can say that results are very good. They also works with b2b marketing strategies based on incentives.
      1. Vegixi's Avatar
        Vegixi -
        Quote Originally Posted by Udeer View Post
        How about sales incentive program, do you work them?
        I'm thinking about this now. I read that such program can increase sales.

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