• Becoming Megan Fox, or something...

      The modern times has propelled the women of this generation to be at par with what every male specie is capable of. Well, except maybe peeing standing up, pardon the pun. I would like to add in the exception—car knowledge 101.

      Car knowledge and maintenance has always been considered jargon for women. When it comes to cars, most often than not, we are being laughed at because a girl will always be seen as helpless. This will remain a fantasy, an illusion with it becoming a reality still in the process of actualization.

      Megan Fox as a lady mechanic Mikaela Barnes in Transformers the movie. Source: santabanta

      Take for example: Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) of Transformers. Crappy acting but the hot chick mechanic has become one of the film’s highlights. She came into life because of a mixture of two major ingredients of a male fantasy: sexy women and cars.

      Now becoming as sexy as Megan Fox might be a little wayyy over our league so let’s just start small—learn the basics of your car. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to know our cars just like how we try to get to know a guy on dates. You don’t get along with a date who's good looking but has bad attitude and smells like sour tuna. This is the same as not choosing a car just because it’s pink and cute, and not minding the basic things that you need to know.

      Getting to know our cars can help us ladies identify problems quicker rather than calling our dads or brothers or boyfriends and husbands—OMG, what is this blinking light?? These are not the 1950’s, ladies. We sure can feel and use our senses to help identify any potential faults.


      Basic Dashboard Symbols. Source: pelauts

      Check out your dashboard, ladies. If any of the icons are flashing or lighting up when they didn’t previously, then your car is telling you that it needs your attention. It could be something as simple as low gasoline which means you need to pump up some gas. The oil light blinking simply means you need an oil change. Try to read your car’s safety manual and familiarize what each light means. Regularly check your car as well for any oil spills. You can check this under the bonnet to see if there are any cracks.

      Useful Car Secret, Ladies: For modern cars, the little fuel pump icon displays where your fuel tank filler is located. If the fuel pump handle is on the left side of the icon, your fuel tank filler is located on the left side of your car. If it’s on the right, then most probably, the tank filler is also at the right.

      You know when someone else is having a cough because the cough sounds are coming from within the lungs—it’s guttural, a person is breathing heavily and is usually not as upbeat as before. Same goes with your car. Listen to your engine and get to know how a healthy engine sounds. If it starts making a noise that is not normal, you would know. Most of the time, a bad engine sound is described as a whistling or rumbling noise coming from your wheel area.

      You’d know if you have a problem if you start your car and then you hear a clicking noise and it doesn’t start right away. This could be a battery problem. Listen also to any flapping or unusual sounds as there might be something loose somewhere.

      If you drive your car often, you will automatically spot a change in the feel of the car. If your car pulls slightly to one side on a straight road, your wheel alignment might be off, or you have a flat tire.
      If you feel a vibration under your car chair or on the steering wheel, there could be a problem with wheel balance of the car.

      Clear indications of car problems would be the smell of oil, gas or burning. This is serious, ladies. Get your cars checked immediately.

      In cases when you have encountered a problem, always have with you handy the number of your mechanic. Ask them also of car maintenance schedules so that you will always be ready and not wait for a car to bug down.

      Source: ehowcdn

      Last tip before we end.. Ladies, know how to change a flat tire. You don’t have to go to the mechanic and feel helpless. Here’s a very simple process we’d like to share. If you feel and know that your car is flat, please do the following:
      1. Make sure that your park break is on so that the car will not roll, especially if you are on an ascending or descending road.
      2. Get your jack and find out where to place it. Most probably near the flat tire so it can be raised up.
      3. Now, raise the jack so it is supporting the car. Turn it until you can see that you can work on your car tire at that angle.
      4. Remove the hubcap (the one that is supporting the screw of your tires) and unscrew. Remove the lug nuts doing one then the opposite of it until all are removed.
      5. Remove the flat tire.
      6. Put the new tire onto the wheel studs with the air valve facing out.
      7. Replace the lug nuts in the same pattern that you took them off and make sure that they are tight. Screw t hem back in!
      8. Put the hubcap back on and lower the jack.

      And voila! It’s not as hard as it sounds, is it?? Yes, ladies you can change your flat tires! Gone are the days that we just cry in the middle of the road, do the hitch sign and pray that whoever will pick you up is not a rapist or a serial killer.

      So, when it comes to cars, do not take the back seat. Let's show 'em boys that we may not be as sexy and hot as Megan Fox but we sure can toughen up, get down and dirty and learn the basics of automotive care.

      For an interactive and engaging discussion about cars and automobiles, you can also visit our forums--> AUTOMOTIVE FORUM.

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