• Amazing Ways to Enrich Your Life

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      The Covid-19 pandemic has curbed our mobility, changed our lifestyle, upended our traditions, and ushered us into a new normal. Still, we find ways to make sense of our lives and find meaning.

      As the pandemic kept us at home most of the time, I had time to declutter my room just like others must have done.Tucked in one of the bulky boxes was a familiar yellow and blue packet by Lagoon (https://www.thelagoongroup.com/) that I had long been looking for. Just my luck because inside the packet were cards that each contained a tip to enrich one's life.

      Here are some of the tips and inspiring messages worth sharing:

      • Embrace change. If you don't take risks, things can never get better
      • Keep learning new things. Expand your mind and you'll feel better for it.
      • Teach yourself a new skill every year: grow roses, how to play chess. Take a course in auto mechanics or water colors
      • Grow flowers or vegetables. If you don't have a garden, buy pots and grow herbs for your kitchen
      • Keep fit. A heathy body has a healthy mind.
      • Give up a bad habit. The long term gain is worth the short term hassle.
      • Look through a photo album of yourself as a child. Think of the person you used to be and the person you are now.
      • Put your favorite photographs into photo albums. You'll appreciate them so much in the years to come.
      • Keep a scrapbook of things that are important to you. Collect pictures, postcards, theater tickets and newspaper articles to show your grandchildren in years to come.
      • Remember how important your friends are. Once a month, call an old friend you haven't spoken in a while.
      • Surprise a friend with a small gift – a pastry in the afternoon, a postcard reproduction of their favorite painting. Don't wait for an occasion – gift-giving is its own reward.
      • Look up at the stars and remember what a miracle it is that you exist at all.
      • Before falling asleep at night, think back on your day, and find one thing from that day which you are thankful.
      • Keep in touch with your spiritual side. Make time for moments of quiet reflection.
      • Be as forgiving of yourself as you are of other people.
      • Clean out your closet on a regular basis. Put every item of clothing you haven't worn in a year into a box and donate it to your local charity shop. You'll feel lighter and have the satisfaction of doing a good deed.
      • Redecorate. You'll be amazed at how invigorating it is. If you can't afford to redecorate, just rearrange our furniture.
      • Indulge yourself once in a while. Buy your favorite decadent food, and don't share it.
      • Spend some time alone on a regular basis. Choose an activity that you really enjoy, like reading or cooking or maintaining your motorcyle, and do it all by yourself.
      • Have a really good cry once in a while. It's a great way to let off steam.
      • Admit your mistakes. Nobody's perfect.
      • Hold onto a funny memory and think about it when you are particularly stressed. Humor has a way of putting things into perspective.
      • Smile at people as you pass them on the street and say, “Good Morning” and “Good Afternoon.” Give up your seat on the bus, help an elderly person cross the street. It'll give you a lovely warm glow.
      • Organize your very own movie festival. Invite a few friends over and rent three movies to watch back to back. Watch an entire trilogy!
      • Make time to have fun. Happiness is the key to longevity.

      These tips are amazingly simple. You can try any of them and make each day a little better.(Thea C. Riñen)
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      1. Tadurr's Avatar
        Tadurr -
        All of us are affected by this pandemic. Some of us can’t go back to our jobs and some are getting back to their old life in their provinces to start a new beginning. Pandemic makes us realize that the plans that we have in our life can be changed or even can’t be fulfilled. This pandemic teaches us how to handle the problems and how we should accept the facts that we need to move forward despite the changes in the new normal. Let us know how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy during the new normal.


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