• 8 Simple Diet Tips for the Non-Dieters

      A lot of fad diets can be very discouraging. Most brag that if the diet plan is followed, you can lose dramatic amounts of weight in lesser time. While this may hold true for some, most busy workers and students end up with lesser inclination to undertake crash diets or even quit the gym because they regain their weight or they see no results at all.

      Most diet experts agree that for lasting weight loss, the most effective method is slow and healthy diet and exercise. If you are the type of person who wants to slim down the healthy and painless way, you might want to venture on the following strategies that we have gathered. As they say, itís not just what you eat but how you eat it.

      1. BREAK THE FAST, ALWAYS. The most important meal of the day isóbreakfast! You know it. It has always been told ever since we were kids. Your body has gone without food for the entire night (fasting) thus, you need extra energy to jumpstart the day. Your brain expects to be refueled a few times each day so when you skip breakfast, your brain will tell you that your stomach is hungry and when lunch time comes, you overeat or choose unhealthy food (I donít care, mag lechon ko this lunch!!). Skipping breakfast will also slow down metabolism. So, within an hour of waking up, break the fasting and eat your breakfast no matter how busy you are, or how late you are for school or work.

      2. FRUITS ARE NOT FOR DESSERT. While we are so accustomed to having fruits at the end of the meal, making it our dessert, studies show that it is advisable to eat fruits at least 30minutes before a heavy meal. Eating fruits on an empty stomach detoxifies your system, more like cleaning it first, and supplies you with a great deal of energy for losing weight. As most fruits digest quickly, it also tricks the brain that you are full already, making you not consume much during meals.

      3. LISTEN TO YOUR MOM: Do not talk while your mouth is full!. You know, mothers do have sense when they remind us to concentrate on our food and not talk while the mouth is full, or watch TV, etc. There is a specific reason for that. When you are multi-tasking during meal times, your brain is also not focusing on the amount of food that you are taking in, making you prone to piling more pounds than you want. This doesnít mean that you have to be so serious in eating or you have to eat alone. You can. Just put attention in what youíre putting in your mouth.

      4. CHEW THAT FOOD, WONíT CHEW? The more you chew, the lesser you eat. Studies show that the longer time you chew, the lesser calories you consume. Chewing longer makes your stomach sends signals to the brain that it is full. Not only does it help you in your digestion but it also helps you lessen your food proportions. Try chewing 30 to 50 times per mouthful before swallowing it down.

      5. KNOW WHEN TO DRINK. Even if you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day as most would advice, it wonít be as effective if you donít know when to drink it. If you drink water in the middle of your meal, it would slow down digestion, diluting the acid in your stomach and in turn, will affect the absorption of nutrients from the food that you eat. You can avoid this by drinking water 15 minutes before or after a meal. This doesnít mean that you cannot drink during an actual meal. If you need to do so, do small sips instead.

      6. NO TO OVERCOOKING. When you overcook your meals, it kills or reduces the nutrients your food contains. When you donít get enough nutrients, you donít feel that youíve eaten enough. Tendencies are, you would crave for junk foods. Thus, it is advisable to eat more raw food like sushi or salads. Steam, bake, blanch or grill veggies and grill or bake meat and fish. Careful with allergies and/or food poisoning in raw foods though. As much as possible, avoid microwaving your food.

      7. SMALL, FREQUENT MEALS EVERY DAY. Eating more gets your metabolism to work harder and continuously throughout the day. Ideally, you should eat small proportions of food five to six times daily, with a 2-3 hour break between each meal or snack. Eat a lot, focusing more on having a lot of protein in every meal, but in small amounts. This doesnít give you an excuse to overeat.

      8. AFTER 8 DIET. Youíve heard of after 6 diet, we will stick with after 8 as 6pm is so early for dinner here in our setting. It is good to eat your last meal before 8pm. This way, you wonít binge on snacks before going to sleep. To avoid doing so, have some herbal tea or you may also opt to brush your teeth right after dinner.

      While these tips may help you aid in your diet, cutting off junk food and maintaining exercise and cardio can still help you shed off those pounds faster. So, what have you been doing to shed off those extra weight? Share to us some more tips and mag ISTORYA Ta.
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        inc-pankz -
        wow, same boy sa akong avatar pic, hehehe. .nice topic BTW. .
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        good to know about that.
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        thanks for the info.. very usefull
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        willard -
        Nice info.
      1. kuya88's Avatar
        kuya88 -
        Those are effective tips. I've done it before and still doing it today. From 81kgs, I shed my weight to 75kgs in just 2 months. No to pain and yes to losing weight.
      1. kuya88's Avatar
        kuya88 -
        And also set some goals. My goal is to weigh 70kgs (that's my normal weight accdg to BMI) and maintain it that way.Less than 70 is already my underweight category for BMI.
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        JViLLe -
        nice one! more power!
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        haha mabagay kay ni naku ohh xD
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        good to know about these tips!
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        trebliw_0 -
        good tip! gonna try to follw some of these..;p
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        mushy08 -
        very informative! Summer is here.. so let's lose some fats and flaunt our gorgeous bodies!
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        nice 1. unta masunod ni nako
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        useful lang ni da. Suway-un kaya naku..hehe...
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        nice ni na info
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        nice nice!
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        nice ni! makatabang jud ni .. thanks sa pag.share
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        must try!!!
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        Ask lng q... how about if graveyard shift ka......
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        super nice... i love it,,,,...........
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