• 3 Simple Ways To Impress A Potential Employer

      Going to a job interview? Not to give you jitters but there’s a hundred percent likelihood that you’ll be A.) Up against a number of candidates who have a wealthier job experience than you or B.) Faced with an intimidating recruiter who will grill you.

      But before you crumble in nervousness, we’d like to assure you that your odds of getting that dream job don’t lie on these two factors but in your own hands. How, you ask?

      Aleph Talent Solutions, Cebu’s leading human resource solutions firm, has laid out 3 proven ways to create a remarkable impression for employers and shine from among the stream of applicants queuing up for that job post.

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      1. Be extra with your resume
      If you want to be noticed, you must put in the effort to craft a well-designed resume that will most likely stand out in a sea of templated resumes recruiters sift through on a daily basis. Be creative! You may want to consider making an infographic type of resume that presents your employment and personal information in a visually appealing manner. The ideas for a resume that glows are endless.

      A link to your online portfolio or professional website detailing your work experience, accomplishments, and your sample works will also create a good impression to potential employers. This gives them an insight about the quality of output that you are able to deliver and how you can potentially add value to their service. Be sure to indicate that link in your resume.

      For fresh graduates, start off your resume by highlighting your education. Provide relevant information regarding your degree that’s consistent with the qualifications that the company is looking for for the position.

      2. During the interview: Be confident
      A lesser-known fact: Employers are highly interested in applicants who radiate confidence during interviews. On top of that, they have their eyes fixed on applicants who have a clear definition of their goals and what they want to achieve in and for the company should they be hired for the post.

      Confidence (not cockiness! There’s a huge difference between the two) is one of the key traits that you should master if you want to score high with future employers. Be bold enough to tell your interviewer your strengths, experience, accomplishments, and aspirations and how you can utilize these to further the goals of the company.

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      3. Be professional. Resist asking for figures!
      It is perfectly fine to inquire about how much your desired position pays granted that you actually APPLIED FOR THE POST. Asking for the salary prior to making your application official or before being invited for an initial interview leaves a bad taste. Such behavior is deemed totally unprofessional.

      Don’t be that applicant who’s primarily motivated by what he gets out of the company. Prior to pitching any questions related to compensations and benefits, it’s best that you look into yourself first and have a good assessment of your credentials and abilities. What can you bring to the table? How can you become an asset to the company? Finally and essentially, are your talents and skills worth paying top buck for?

      Cebu is teeming with tons of experienced and qualified talents. But being aware of your strengths and capacity while practicing these three professional ways to pique the interest of employers will get you ahead of the pack.

      Still on the hunt for a job? Aleph Talent Solutions is looking for over 100 experienced customer service representatives to complete the pioneering team of an online retail giant as they build their own captive site on Cebu shores.

      To apply, interested applicants may visit Aleph Talent Solutions at A Space located at Unit KLM, The Crossroads, Gov. M. Cuenco, Banilad, Cebu City from 10 am to 3 pm. Bring your resumes and valid IDs and hopefully, you have the COEs or any proof of graceful exit from your last three (3) employers at home.

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      (Dominic Yasay)
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