• 10 Reasons why you should visit Cyprus

    A lot of people haven’t heard of Cyprus. It may not be as famous as other European destination but it surely has a lot more to offer.

    1. Cyprus is an island, surrounded by crystal clear Mediterranean waters (blue flag beaches)and majestic mountains. With seas and mountains there are so many things to do for any type of traveler. If you are in the mainland driving to one end it will take approximately 3 hours. It's easy to go around. And as they say Cyprus has the warmest climate and winter in this part of Europe. A lot of sunshine too!
    2. Cyprus’ largest ethnicity are Greeks, hence Greek Cypriots. You will learn more as you mingle with the locals. Don’t forget the Cypriot hospitality, they love to feed you. Be sure you are ready with foodie adventure, especially Meze (Dining the traditional way).
    3. Greek mythology. Cyprus is known to be the birthplace of the goddess of Love – Aphrodite. Making it a wedding destination. With several options for your theme wedding and quick release of your certificates.
    4. Cyprus is rich in history. The earliest settlement was recorded during the Paleolithic period (we are talking of stone age). As the years progressed, the country was conquered so many times by - Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Byzantine, Lusignan, Ottoman Turks, Greeks, Venetians, etc and British. There are castles, medieval villages, archaeological sites and vast collections of artifacts.
    5. Currently, Cyprus is divided by a Green line. Since 1974, more than 30% of the island is occupied by the Turks. So you might wonder why there is Northern Cyprus or the occupied side. You have the chance to cross over and it is completely different on that side. There is also a ghost town which has been abandoned and was featured in Netflix’ Special – Dark Tourist.
    6. Cyprus has tons of interesting events. Every village has its festival for their known product or feast of saints. Similar to fiestas. They've got food fest, music fest, opera, concerts and a lot more. Entertainment and night life name it, they have it.
    7. Each district has its own charm- Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta, Paphos, Limassol, and Kyrenia. It took me several visits for me to get to know this idyllic country.
    8. Cyprus’ neighbors are Greece, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. There are extensive routes to get here. Cruise is one and when finding flights, you usually get good deals once you are in EU region. I was amazed of how many flights land to Larnaca all across Europe and from the Middle East as well.
    9. Cyprus is a vibrant nation, a number of expats has resided here and operated their businesses. Also working expats from different nations. Its proximity to Middle East countries makes attractive to companies to be stationed in Cyprus while working in the middle east due to better living conditions and European environment. Cyprus despite of its small size, is a big international business center with offshore companies having head offices here.
    10. Cyprus is a safe country to travel. It does cause several concerns being occupied and the proximity of war stricken neighbors, yet it still has a very low crime rate. There may be petty crimes like pick pocketing in tourist areas. Where ever we go, we just have to be vigilant.

    It is about time to reset your itineraries and drop by Cyprus. Now with the winter season coming it is a good time to experience the splendor of this country. It also snows in Troodos mountains.

    Cyprus is not yet part in the Schengen Area. But for Schengen visa holders, you are allowed entry to Cyprus provided your first entry is from the state that issued your visa. Entry must be within visa validity period. As the policy changes over time, make sure you get the correct information from the embassy!

    Several articles about Cyprus can be found in the blog section of vinnenroute.net. On the tours section you can find ongoing packages and great value stay rates. Just send you request for any inquiry, as everything can be customized.

    The next time you plan for a trip, consider Cyprus.(Vinn)
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