• A Fat Kid's Summer Wish

      Two years ago was a turning point in my life when my health was on the line. I drastically changed my lifestyle and eating habits for fear of what will happen to me if I didnít do something. Gone are the days that I would eat just about anything, do nothing with my body to get myself in shape and whilst away succumbing to my own emotional fatigue.

      ďHow in the world would I shake off the 200-pound flab in my body being that I am so used to a sedentary lifestyle?Ē That was what I thought when I started out.

      However the memory of me undergoing endoscopy in that cold operating room haunted me so I went on with my battle against the bulge. At first, I had mood swings because of my diet. What added my turmoil was the usual scenario -- my family and friends would joke around that Iím only good for the first couple of months then Iíll go back to my old ways again.

      So it was a lot of pressure to lose weight months back.

      WORK IT

      Last September 2013, I enrolled myself in a weight loss program in one of the gyms in the city. I cut down on my sweets, rice and soda intake then religiously following my veggie-fruit-fish diet with a balance of water and fresh fruit juices. I go to the gym 4 times tops or if Iím not busy, I work out everyday and do my cardio on treadmill or elliptical machine then 1-hour weight training with my Personal Trainer. I capped my workout regimen with an hour of Zumba (a mix of Latin, Hiphop and Pop Jazz dances).

      First few months were frustrating since I still felt so heavy as if thereís no progress at all.

      I was so bummed out but my trainer explained to me that my body is still adjusting to my new lifestyle and diet and I need to be MORE PATIENT and not expect an overnight result.


      So I went on with my program and totally forgot about the numbers and never cared weighing in. Then I started to notice the weight loss and my clothes became loose on me, I was so thrilled and I became more serious with my program and diet.

      From size 21, I narrowed to size 11! I went back to wearing my clothes which I wore back in college and that was even ages ago! Then people started to notice it, too. It sure feels great to be getting a lot of praises from them and the words of encouragement to do more gave me an ultimate high of happiness. Slowly I started to appreciate myself and gained back the confidence that I once lost. I was no longer scared what other people may think when they see me all dressed up and I was no longer shy being infront of the mirror.


      Years ago, I used to hate summer and withdrew myself from outdoor activities.

      I even shied away from beach outings because I canít wear a decent swimwear but always the reliable shirt and shorts. Then worse, I hated myself looking at pictures that would show how huge I was and end up with sighs of resignation thinking Iíll never be able to wear a bikini.


      Then January 2014 came, my trainer told me that if I continue to work out and stick to my diet, Iíll finally achieve my goal for summer. I got so excited and exerted more. February rolled by, I started running and mountain trekking with a group of runners in the forum, the Dagan Caritas. Going with them on their usual road/mountain adventures surely helped with my weight loss.

      However, the biggest challenge started in March when I went back to work, I had to cut short with my workout and sometimes miss my gym time then my diet changed. I had to adapt to my new environment. After a couple of months I noticed that my weight loss became minimal but my body is still the same, Iím still losing inches which is a good thing.


      However last summer 2014, I still didnít have the bikini bod that I hoped for but being able to wear a tankini without a T-shirt on to cover the bulge and swimming in a rash guard out in the sun is a HUGE achievement for me after months of trying to lose weight.

      Never thought that I would start loving summer and be excited to go out and have fun under the sun. Finally, I have come out of my shell and it sure feels so great!

      I still hope this year or the first quarter of 2016, I can already wear a bikini with no fear or inhibitions. You may perceive it as vanity but being a fat kid all my life, it is my ultimate dream that Iím willing to make it happen months from now.

      And thatís another bucket list Iím excited to conquer

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