• Seo In Guk and Francine Diaz Unveil Magical Song Collaboration

      Seo In Guk and Francine Diaz Unveil Magical Song Collaboration "My Love"

      A unique collaboration was born in a serendipitous encounter during Seo In Guk's record-breaking fan meet in Manila last year. The K-drama sensation and multi-talented artist Seo In Guk expressed his desire to work with emerging Filipino talent Francine Diaz.

      The catalyst for this collaboration was a casual dinner meeting between In Guk and Francine's manager, John Ling.

      During the dinner, the multi-talented South Korean actor was captivated by Francine's rendition of "Pag-Ibig," which resonated deeply with him. Despite any initial doubts Francine may have had about her singing prowess compared to In Guk's 'magical' voice, the seasoned singer sensed a dynamic synergy between them.

      It's a grand collaboration that nobody saw coming. Seo In Guk shared his enthusiasm for it, saying, "The song's content is about love, so I worked on it, thinking, 'Wouldn't it be fun to make it like a conversation that talks about love and goes back and forth about love?' and that process was just so much fun… I'm very thankful I got to do that with Francine," Metro Style reported.

      This unexpected collaboration results from the upcoming single "My Love," released on March 2, 2024, under Universal Records. The track promises a magical blend of Seo In-Guk's seasoned artistry and Francine Diaz's emerging talent, creating a melody that speaks directly to the heart.

      Fans can anticipate a refreshing take on love as the song unfolds in a unique conversation-style format, offering a delightful twist to the traditional love song. It can even pass as a heartwarming and healing series OST.

      In addition to his collaboration with Francine Diaz, Seo In Guk has recently achieved another milestone with his latest accolade in the K-drama series "Death's Game," where he takes the lead alongside a stellar cast. Furthermore, In Guk showcases his versatility as the lead actor, Edmond Dantes, in the Broadway musical "Monte Cristo," a production that can now be streamed on various digital platforms.

      "My Love" is not just a musical collaboration but a testament to the unexpected beauty that can arise when artists from different corners of the world come together. Seo In-Guk and Francine Diaz invite fans to join them on the magic of "My Love," a melody that celebrates the universal theme of love and romance.

      Stream it on your favorite digital streaming platforms now!
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