• Globe underscores the need for ethical AI at Mapúa MCM Career Fair

      AI is growing. The digital solutions platform Globe talked about the need for ethics. They also stressed the need for human oversight over AI. They discussed with students at the recent Mapúa MCM Career and Internship Fair.

      Dennis Abella is VP for Operations Systems Support (OSS) Program Delivery at Globe. He noted how STEM can prepare students for careers where AI is indispensable.

      AI stimulates creativity and innovation. It enhances critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. He pointed out that understanding AI's ethical and societal implications is crucial.

      "AI is powerful, but it still requires human common sense to make the right decisions. It cannot discern beyond its programmed capabilities. Because of this, we need responsible digital citizenship. "It means we make informed, ethical choices about technology use," said Abella. "And, about its impact on society." He said this in his talk "AI Unleashed."

      Globe is now testing AI in some parts of the business. This testing includes customer service and automating its digital channels. These initiatives mitigate risks in security, compliance, and ethics.

      AI systems lack moral reasoning. They also need to gain an understanding of complex social norms. This lack is why humans must oversee AI. It ensures AI stays ethical and prevents misuse that may cause harm," he added.

      Both Globe and Mapúa MCM are committed to advancing tech education. They also want to ensure that students see the importance of human oversight in AI.

      This collaboration with Globe gives our students invaluable insights. They learn about the practical and ethical parts of AI. "It helps give our students the skills and view they need to succeed in a tech-driven world," said Leopoldo Aquino, Jr. He leads the Office of Corporate Partnership and Alumni Affairs at Mapúa MCM.

      Engr. Alejandro H. Ballado, Jr., EVP/COO of Mapúa MCM, emphasized the expo's role. It bridges the gap between school and industry.

      "The Mapúa MCM Career and Internship Fair, supported by Globe, is more than just a job fair. It's a platform for future-proofing our students. "We expose them to industry leaders and the latest tech trends. We ensure they are ready to contribute to society and the economy," Ballado said.

      Globe partners with Mapúa MCM. They aim to prepare students for the future and open doors to tech opportunities. The partnership reflects Globe's proactive efforts. They aim to collaborate with academic institutions across the country.

      To learn more about Globe, visit https://www.globe.com.ph/.
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