• BubbleTea Blows Freebies!

      Hello iSTORYAns! Remember when we promised you that we are coming up with awesome give-aways and freebies for you?


      Well, luck has struck us today as our friends from the BUBBLETEA STATION are giving away ten (10) gift certificates for any two (2) Bubbletea Station drinks and sinkers of your choice—in layman’s term, we are handing out free milk tea-s for you and your date or your friend.

      Well don’t get too giddy yet. Like other contests and raffles, this prize comes with some boring mechanics that involves spelunking and zip-lining (just kidding!). It’s actually pretty easy and very basic, what you need to do to get a chance to win these cool GCs are:
      (1) Give us two new milk tea flavors offered by Bubbletea Station;
      (2) Type in your comment on the comment box below;
      (3) check the box that says “publish to facebook” and
      (4) Click on “add comment”.

      We will be raffling these off via random.org and will announce who gets to grab the prize after the scheduled raffle, not really rocket science right? (note: no shortcuts or your entries will be invalid and your chance to win, terminated…)

      Anyhow, if you are keen enough and have been religiously following our articles, then you would know that last month we did a review about BUBBLETEA STATION and would have seen that we featured some of their best-selling and new flavours. But just in case you missed the article, check out the cheatsheet below.

      Deadline for the comment is September 14, 2012 and on the 15th we will raffle and announce the winners. What in the world are you still waiting for
      PS: This serves as an announcement that in the near future, we are going to give away some more awesome gifts to you for your continued support with www.istorya.net, and by this, I guess you need to be updated with what’s going on, who’s to know or just by reading the articles, maybe soon we will raffle off cool gadgets and shopping sprees (BOOKMARK US ON YOUR BROWSERS, YES?).
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      Comments 37 Comments
      1. Harold Ian Silve's Avatar
        Harold Ian Silve -
        Butterscotch and Banana Milk Tea
      1. lowen1's Avatar
        lowen1 -
        Banana Milk Tea and Butterscotch for me yum yum kalami suyopon ani oink ;D
      1. razorblde's Avatar
        razorblde -
        join now and be one the lucky winners ^_^
      1. mickopono's Avatar
        mickopono -
        Banana and Butterscotch! Ganahan raba jud ko ug milk tea.. suwayan ni nako!
      1. kurdapia.nikki's Avatar
        kurdapia.nikki -
        GreenApple and GreenApple!!!! Yakult and Tea
      1. crush_23's Avatar
        crush_23 -
        banana and butterscoth milk tea's

        ... kita man ko ani sa tv krn nana jud dri hehehe
      1. chase328's Avatar
        chase328 -
        banana and butterscotch
      1. thisbe.ara's Avatar
        thisbe.ara -
        Butterscotch Milk Tea and Banana Milk Tea
      1. Kaiyen's Avatar
        Kaiyen -
        ✿ Banana and Butterscotch Milk Tea. Wanna try
      1. jeniverre's Avatar
        jeniverre -
        Banana and Butterscotch =)
      1. razorblde's Avatar
        razorblde -
        Quote Originally Posted by thisbe.ara View Post
        Green Apple Yakult Drink and Banana Milk Tea
        wrong spelling wrong...lol
      1. ishmot0i's Avatar
        ishmot0i -
        Banana Milk Tea and Butterscotch
      1. EdnaMae Cahimat Arellano's Avatar
        EdnaMae Cahimat Arellano -
        Banana Milk tea and Butterscoth
      1. janemiyat's Avatar
        janemiyat -
        Butterscotch and Banana Milk Tea
      1. raddiboy's Avatar
        raddiboy -
        Butterscotch and Banana Milk Tea
      1. clarkhkent's Avatar
        clarkhkent -
        Banana Milk Tea and Butterscotch

      1. richcong's Avatar
        richcong -
        Banana Milk Tea and Butterscotch
      1. free_hugs's Avatar
        free_hugs -
        Banana and Butterscotch
      1. free_hugs's Avatar
        free_hugs -
        Butterscotch and Banana Milk Tea
      1. zepharintes's Avatar
        zepharintes -
        Butterscotch and Banana Milk Tea Kalami ani oink weee
        how to put on facebook? ala mai naka butang publish LOL

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