Selling:1. Biostar H61MLV socket 1155 with Intel Celeron G1620 3rd Gen Processor and HSF - P1.2k
- with slight defect: usahay mu on usahay dili, basin iupdate ra guro Bios or something, kamo na bhala ani

2. ECS H81H3-M4 socket 1150 Board - P800
- with slight defect: mamili ug video card pero kung i onboard nimu wa gyuy problema

3. Intel socket 775 Board with E8400 Processor and HSF - P1k
- with slight defect: on-board LAN ra ang guba

4. Emaxx socket AM3 with Phenom II 545 Processor and HSF - P1.2k
- no defect

Please PM, Call or Text for a further transaction: 09471721522
My Location: Bulacao (at the back of Prince Warehouse), Cebu City
** can do meetups also

RFS: Moving out, extra items