mga bro and sis

im looking for 2 pcs of these items

120mm Air Penetrator Fan with Red LED Fan

Special Feature

  • Industry leading air channeling fan.
  • Wide fan blades for reducing air resistance.
  • Standard 120mm frame for maximum compatibility with CPU coolers.
  • Integrated air channeling grille double as fan guard to reduce overall size.
  • Low power consumption.
  • The Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) for high reliability.
  • Available colors: Red, Blue, Green & White

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120mm Transparent Fan and frame with RED LED light

Colors Available:

Special Feature:

  • High performance for system thermal solution
  • High airflow and less noise with 9-bladed design
  • Brilliant LED

wa man stock sa FU gud

basin naa mo extra dha

pm | call or text me @ 0922 559 8884

Thank you