hello! i want to ask fellow istoryans for suggestions on what pci card should i put into this motherboard:


it's a small form factor motherboard (less than 7 inches squared!), one IDE slot (two devices) and two SATA slots (another two devices) and has one pci slot for probably around P3000 when it comes here. i was planning on making a headless downloading machine (mostly videos) and a music box with this motherboard and some about 300 gb hdd. now what can i do with the pci slot?

a) pci wireless card. we have a wireless router here, but all wired slots are full, so i figure this is a good option. or i could switch around my current pc's (other connections are my cousins') and this one wired connection and my current pc will have the wireless card. it is not an expensive option.

b) pci video card. most probably the models that will be coming in the philippines will be without video out. if there was a model with the video out, i would probably skip this one, but again a dedicated video card will probably give a better video playback. if you think this is the optimal option, can anyone suggest me a good pci video card? probably the most expensive option.

c) pci tv tuner. can record tv and and maybe receive video from digital cameras (sucks i dont have one). probably not a very expensive option.

d) pci sata card. can add more SATA drives for more hdd's. or should i just go with bigger hdd's since it would probably task the power supply? not an expensive option not counting the potential increased hdd count and power supply upgrade.

any help is much appreciated, thanks.