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HDD issue

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I am having a new PC and since there are several files in one of the drives (Drive D one Terrabyte) in my old PC, ...

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    Default HDD issue

    I am having a new PC and since there are several files in one of the drives (Drive D one Terrabyte) in my old PC, I would have wanted to transfer that HDD to my new PC. However, that HDD is not recognized in the Bios and also in the Disk Management under Windows. Pls help me and teach me how to let the new PC recognize that old HDD...

    When I say old HDD, it is already using sata and thus not IDE... also my old PC is windows 7, while my new PC is Windows 10... But my HDD is not where I installed Windows 7

    Btw, the HD Sentinel says that my HDD is 100% Health...

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    check your cable boss. most probably its a faulty sata cable or the power cable

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    M.vibrate ang Disk inig power on? If no, check cables.

    If wala gyud m.gana send it to some shops nga m.ilis sa PCB anah.

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