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Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

This discussion is about "Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?" in the "Computer Hardware" forums.

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    Default Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    Still a work-in-progress

    Many common branded PSUs are not made by the company that sells them. In fact, most companies that sell PSUs do not actually make them rather, they are re-branded OEM products from specialised PSU-manufacturing companies. The following is a list of common PSUs and their actual manufacturers.

    CP-850 Delta
    CP-1000 Delta
    Basiq BP350 FSP
    Basiq BP430 Delta
    Basiq BP500 FSP
    Basiq BP550 Plus Delta
    Earthwatts EA380 Seasonic
    Earthwatts EA380D Green Cased Delta
    Earthwatts EA430/500 (Old models) Seasonic
    Earthwatts EA430D/500D Green (Current models) Delta
    Earthwatts EA650 Delta
    Earthwatts EA750 Delta
    EcoPower 380W Seasonic
    High Current Gamer 400W, 520W, 620W Seasonic
    High Current Gamer 750W, 900W Delta
    High Current Pro Delta
    NeoHE Seasonic
    NeoPower 430, 500, 550, 650 Seasonic
    NeoPower 380W, 480W Channel Well (CWT)
    Neo Eco Seasonic
    Phantom Channel Well (CWT)
    Signature Delta
    Smart Power Channel Well (CWT)
    Smart Power 2 Channel Well (CWT)
    True Power Channel Well (CWT)
    True Power 2 Channel Well (CWT)
    True Power Trio Seasonic
    True Power New Seasonic
    True Power Quattro Enhance

    Antec is a well known PSU company that has had questionable PSUs in the past. Their older CWT-built models were plagued with failure of their Fuhjyyu capacitors. Since changing their main OEM for the mainstream units to Seasonic and Delta Electronics, Antec PSUs have improved substantially. They now use Delta Electronics for their high end PSU's and are very high quality.

    Cooler Master
    Extreme Power 380W/430W PMSR/PMSP HiPro
    Extreme Power 380W/430W PCAR/PCAP Acbel
    Extreme Power ≥500W Seventeam
    Extreme Power Plus Acbel
    iGreen Acbel
    GX Seventeam
    Real Power ?
    Real Power Pro/M 550W, 650W, 700W Acbel
    Real Power Pro/M 360W, 400W, 460W, 850W, 1000W, 1250W Enhance
    Silent Pro 500W-700W Enhance
    Silent Pro M1000 FSP
    Silent Pro Gold Enhance

    Most of the PSU's Coolermaster brand are midrange budget/value models, whilst they will get the job done there are usually better options at the same price levels. The newer Enhance models are quite good.

    AX-650 Seasonic
    AX-750 Seasonic
    AX-850 Seasonic
    AX-1200 Flextronics

    CX-400 Seasonic
    CX-430 Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-430 v2 Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-500 Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-500 v2 Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-600 Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-600 v2 Channel Well(CWT)

    Gaming Series GS600 Channel Well(CWT)
    Gaming Series GS700 Channel Well(CWT)
    Gaming Series GS800 Channel Well(CWT)

    HX-450 Seasonic
    HX-520 Seasonic
    HX-620 Seasonic
    HX-650 Seasonic
    HX-750 Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)
    HX-850 Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)
    HX-1000 Channel Well (CWT)
    HX-1050 Channel Well (CWT)

    TX-650 Seasonic
    TX-750 Channel Well (CWT) (PSH(older) platform)
    TX-750 v2 Seasonic
    TX-850 Channel Well (CWT) (PSH(older) platform)
    TX-850 v2 Seasonic
    TX-950 Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)

    VX-450 Seasonic
    VX-550 Channel Well (CWT) (PSH platform)

    Corsair (known for its memory products) made a big impact with their initial Seasonic-built HX series. All products since have been top notch and are among the best performing, quietest, and best value PSU's. The Seasonic models are generally quietest, but all models have excellent performance. The AX series is the latest and greatest series.

    Fortron Source (FSP)
    FSP manufacture their own PSUs.

    Been around for a long time, most PSU's they manufacture are average to slightly above average units.

    GreenMax Acbel
    Odin FSP
    Odin GT Channel Well (CWT)
    Odin Plus Acbel
    Odin Pro Channel Well (CWT)
    Powerrock 300 CWT
    Powerrock 350 FSP
    Powerrock 400 CWT
    Powerrock 500 CWT
    Superb 360 FSP (300W model)
    Superb 460 FSP (FSP400-60GLN)
    Superb 470 FSP
    Superb 550/P Acbel (450W model)
    Superb E570 FSP
    Superb E620 FSP
    Superb P720 Acbel (610W model)
    Superb E720 FSP

    Energy Force Sirtec
    Maxima Force Acbel
    Silent Force Sirtec

    EliteXstream (800W, 1000W) Impervio
    Evostream (600W, 720W) FSP
    GameXstream FSP (Epsilon platform)

    Fatal1ty 400W, 550W, 750W Sirtec
    Fatal1ty 700W Impervio

    ModXstream (780W, 900W) FSP
    ModXstream Pro 400W CWT
    ModXstream Pro 500W, 600W, 700W Sirtec

    Powerstream Topower

    StealthXstream 400W CWT
    StealthXstream 500W, 600W, 700W FSP (Epsilon platform)
    StealthXstream 2 FSP

    Z series 550W FSP
    Z series 650W FSP
    Z series Z850M Sirtec
    Z series Z1000M Sirtec

    OCZ used FSP as its OEM manufacturer for a long time. Their PSUs were of questionable quality, being based on the Epsilon model. However, they have taken a big step forward since acquiring PC Power & Cooling in 2007. The Impervio units and some Sirtec models are excellent.

    PC Power & Cooling (owned by OCZ)
    Silencer Seasonic
    Silencer MK II Sirtec
    Turbo Cool Wintact

    The 1kW Turbo Cool is considered one of the highest quality PSUs available; despite being one of the loudest, it is a high-quality server-grade PSU. The Silencer series is good, although their are better Seasonic built units available, that are also quieter and better value. PCP&C units are not currently sold in Australia.

    Seasonic manufacture their own PSUs.

    Long time PSU manufacturer, all of their products are very good, one of the few OEM's to still make quality low-mid power units. Seasonic units are generally quiet, high quality and good value.

    Seventeam manufacture their own PSUs. However, the quality of the PSUs are not much better from Generics.

    Decathalon <1000W- Impervio
    Decathalon DA1200 Seventeam

    Element ST50EF Enhance
    Element ST50EFP Enhance
    Element ST60EF Enhance
    Element ST65EF Seventeam
    Element ST70EF FSP
    Element ST75EF Seventeam
    Element ST85EF Seventeam

    Nightjar ST30NF Etasis
    Nightjat ST40NF FSP
    Nightjar ST45NF Etasis

    Olympia <1000W Impervio
    Olympia OP1200 Seventeam

    Strider ST350 Enhance
    Strider ST35F FSP
    Strider ST405 Enhance
    Strider ST40F FSP
    Strider ST50F FSP
    Strider ST60F Enhance
    Strider ST70F Enhance
    Strider ST75F Enhance
    Strider ST85F Enhance
    Strider ST12000 Enhance
    Strider ST1500 Enhance

    Strider Essential ST40F-ES Sirtec
    Strider Essential ST50F-ES Sirtec

    Strider Plus ST35F-P FSP
    Strider Plus ST40F-P FSP
    Strider Plus ST50F-P FSP
    Strider Plus ST60F-P Enhance
    Strider Plus ST75F-P Enhance
    Strider Plus ST85F-P Enhance
    Strider Plus ST1000F-P Enhance

    Zeus(ZF)(<1000W) Etatis
    Zeus ZM/ZU 1200 Impervio

    Silverstone have some excellent PSU's, and some average ones. The units built by Etatis and Impervio are excellent, the Enhance built models range from very good to excellent, the Seventeam units range average to very good, the cheaper FSP models are mainly budget-midrange units.

    Evo Blue CWT

    LitePower 350W W0292 FSP
    Litepower 350W W0367 CWT
    Litepower 350W W0363 CWT
    Litepower 450W W0361 CWT
    Litepower 450W W0362 CWT
    Litepower 450W W0293RU FSP
    Litepower 500W W0294RU FSP
    Litepower 500W W0355 HEC
    Litepower 600W W0356 HEC

    TR2 420W CWT
    TR2 430W HEC
    TR2 470W CWT
    TR2 500W W0093 CWT
    TR2 500W W0379RU HEC
    TR2 550W CWT
    TR2 600W HEC
    TR2 700W FSP
    TR2 800W FSP
    TR2 1000W FSP

    TR2 Q-Fan CWT

    TR2 RX 450W, 550W Channel Well (CWT)
    TR2 RX 650W, 700W, 750W, 850W, 1000W, 1200W HEC

    Pure Power 350 CWT
    Pure Power 500 CWT
    Pure Power 600 W0121RU CWT
    Pure Power 600 W0318RU HEC
    Pure Power 700 HEC

    PurePower RX Channel Well (CWT)

    Tough Power >850W CWT
    Tough Power <1000W CWT (PUC platform)
    Tough Power XT CWT
    Tough Power Q-Fan CWT
    Tough Power Grand CWT

    Thermaltake PSUs have a long-standing reputation of being average at best. They switched their OEM to Channel Well (CWT) for the Tough Power and later PurePower RX series, which have some good units. You need to know what you are buying when you get a Thermaltake, especially that they are a little overpriced.

    ION 350W/460W Topower
    ION2 460W Topower
    ION2+ 450W/500W/550W Andyson

    Some reliable budget PSU. They are great bang for the buck in low end systems.

    Black Edition Seasonic
    Core Edition Seasonic
    XXX Edition Seasonic

    ZM360B-APS FSP
    ZM460B-APS FSP

    ZM500-HP FSP
    ZM500-HP Plus FSP
    ZM600-HP FSP
    ZM600-HP Plus FSP
    ZM750-HP FSP
    ZM850-HP Enhance
    ZM850-HP Plus Enhance
    ZM1000-HP Enhance
    ZM1000-HP Plus Enhance

    ZM500-RS FSP
    ZM600-RS FSP

    ZM400-ST HEC
    ZM500-ST Enhance
    ZM600-ST Enhance

    ZM460-US CWT

    ZM660-XT Enhance
    ZM770-XT Enhance

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    ABS mani ako bro.. kana bitaw naa sa singapore na company pero gi manufacture ra sa china..

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    FSP.. low cost but great performance..^^

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    yey hec ako psu!

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    Duha ka silverstone akoang PSU... 750W ug 500W... hehehehe

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    mao wa dyud ko mag mahay sa FSP Everest nako oi. lig-on baya, sulit.

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    ang manufacturer sa akong silverstone psu kay si fineupgrades =D
    hawkshock likes this.

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    Thanks for the info @TS.

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    nice thread...

    thermaltake litepower series are one of the worse "branded" PSUs around... mas maayo pa siguro generic nia..

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    Default Re: Who is the manufacturer of your PSU?

    Quote Originally Posted by hawkshock View Post
    Thanks for the info @TS.
    way sapayan bro, gi share lang sad naku ako nabasa para makahibalu sad ang uban.

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