Sony launches new digital 3D surround sound headphones system in Japan by

Sony has announced the availability of its new digital 3D surround sound headphones system, the MDR-DS7500, in Japan. According to the company, the new headphones have been specially designed to ensure that it is capable of delivering to consumers a faithful reproduction of the kind of sound which artists and film-makers have originally intended for consumers to hear.

According to a machine translation of the Japanese electronics giant's recent press release, the new MDR-DS7500 headphones has been touted to be the industry's first such headphones to be optimized for 3D surround sound used in the playback of 3D video content. Sony claims that the headphones feature the Dolby Pro Logic II z decoder which is reportedly capable of delivering 7.1 channel surround sound for greater depth and realism. In addition, the company has also added that the MDR-DS7500 has been furnished with 3D VPT technology to further enhance the realism of the headphones' surround sound system.

Additional features available on the MDR-DS7500 include what appears to be the capability to accept audio input directly via HDMI, various pre-set audio modes such as New Cinema Mode, Game Mode and Voice Mode for optimal audio playback quality under specific conditions, as well as the ability to be remotely controlled. Last but not least, Sony has also confirmed that the NDR-DS7500 will feature built-in support for BRAVIA Sync, where users can remotely control a compatible BRAVIA television set via the headphones.

Full specifications for the MDR-DS7500 surround headphones are as follow:

The MDR-DS7500 surround headphones are expected to make their way onto retail shelves in Japan for sale come October 10 this year at the suggested retail price of 49,350 yen (approx US$643) after taxes.

Source: Sony Japan