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Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

This discussion is about "Show Us Your Rig v1524.79" in the "Computer Hardware" forums.
★ R U L E S ★ Must be your rig. Post detailed specs (or at least some info) of your baby. Full rig photos ...

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    C.I.A. Dondon's Avatar
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    Dec 2006

    Default Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    R U L E S

    • Must be your rig.
    • Post detailed specs (or at least some info) of your baby.
    • Full rig photos only. Acquired a new bling? There's a thread for that!
    • Posts with images over 640 pixels either side will be deleted.
    • Discussions are semi-OK, as long as the focus is kept on the system.
    • Got the urge to say "Wow", "Nindota oi", or "Kalamay"? LIKE the post instead.
    • Everyone is welcome to post picture/s of their rig/s. Bisan ug Pentium 4 pa na!
    • NO QUOTING OF POSTS WITH MORE THAN ONE (1) PICTURE! (i-delete lang ang uban)

    This thread will be heavily moderated, let's keep it clean as much as possible.
    Comments, suggestions, PM me. Violent reactions, adto lang mo sa Barangay Hall sa Cambinucot.

    Friends ta tanan diri, OK? OK! Sige payr!
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    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    Intel Core i7 2600K @ 4.9Ghz
    Noctua D14
    Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3
    GTX580 850/1700/2100
    Corsair Force GT 240Gb
    2x Samsung F1 1Tb
    Samsung ODD
    Creative X-Fi Extreme Music
    Razer Black widow Ultimate
    Logitech G700
    Logitech Z-5500
    Samsung 32 EH5000
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    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    my imba rig.
    haters gonna hate.

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    C.I.A. fineupgrades's Avatar
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    Jul 2004

    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79


    Post imong specs oi..

    anti OT:


    Intel Core i7 920 processor w/ Tuniq T-120-EX CPU Cooler
    Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboard
    6GB Patriot Sector 7 2000MHz DDR3 Memory
    Asus ARES 4GB GDDR5 VC
    SilverStone Zeus 1200W PSU
    SilverStone Raven 2-Evo (White) Case
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    Elite Member j_rotten's Avatar
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    Sep 2007

    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    CPU: Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz
    MB: Asus Sabertooth X58 USB3.0 Sata 6GB/s
    RAM: 12GB 6*2GB Patriot Viper II Sector 7 2000 MHz DDR3
    VC: XFX Radeon HD6870 1GB DDR5
    HDD: 3 x 500GB Seagate Sata HDD
    SSD: N/A
    ODD: Samsung External Slim (white)
    PSU: Silverstone Strider Gold 850Watts Modular
    Case: Lancool PC-K62 (Self-modded)
    Monitor: Samsung 32" LCD TV
    Mouse: Roccat Pyra
    Keyboard: Thermaltake eSports Challenger Pro
    Sound system: HDMI Audio
    Cooling system: Larkooler Universal Water Cooling
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    C.I.A. isyot_daut's Avatar
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    Oct 2006

    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    Intel Core i3 540
    Gigabyte H55n USB3 mini-itx
    MSI GTX 560 ti Twin FrozrII
    Silverstone ST45SF 450 watts psu
    4GB Team Xtreem DDR3 1866Mhz
    500GB Seagate 7200.12 HDD
    Noctua NF-P14 140mm Fan
    Lian Li Q11 Case
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    Elite Member CARLOtech's Avatar
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    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    1st rig:
    core i3 540
    asus p7p55d deluxe
    kingston 4 gig
    silverstone 850 full modular
    sapphire 6970
    cooler master 690II advance

    second rig:
    core2 dou e4700
    lian li a05n
    asus p5gc-mx
    gskill 4gig
    nvidia 9600gt
    silverstone st50es

    3rd rig:
    under construction...
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    Senior Member kent213's Avatar
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    Jul 2010

    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    CPU: Intel Core i5 760 2.8GHz
    MB: Asus P7P55D-E Pro USB3.0 Sata 6GB/s
    RAM: 4GB 2*2GB G.Skill Trident 1600 MHz DDR3
    VC: Palit 9500GT 1GB DDR2
    HDD: 500GB Seagate Sata
    SSD: N/A
    ODD: Asus DRW-24B1ST
    PSU: FSP supersonic 550Watts
    Case: NZXT Tempest Evo
    Monitor: Samsung P2270
    Mouse: Razer Orochi
    Keyboard: A4tec
    Cooling system: CM Hyper 212 Plus
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    C.I.A. jhnpl's Avatar
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    Jul 2003

    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    Torrent/HTPC Rig

    Case: Silverstone SG-06 Black
    Motherboard: Asus AT3N7A-I Nvidia Ion
    Processor: Atom Dual Core 330
    Memory: 4Gb Muskin Memory
    HDD: 2Tb Seagate HDD
    ODD: Panasonic Blu-Ray Slim
    Keyboard: Logitech Wireless Keyboard
    Mouse: Logitech Wireless Mouse
    Remote: Noah Company MediaGate GP-IR02BK
    Network: Built in Bluetooth + Linksys WUSB600N Network Adapter + Linksys WRT350N Router
    Display: Optoma PK-201 Projector + Samsung 32" LCD Series 5
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate + Boxee
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    Default Re: Show Us Your Rig v1524.79

    Pa post pud q ha?

    MSI mobo 870a military class mobo.
    athlon x3 for now(tigom mode for x6 soon
    ocz 2x2 gb ram
    5870 VC
    600 watts Silverstone psu
    1tb WD HDD
    larkooler watercooling kit
    Silverstone raven 2
    razer lycosa mirror KB
    roccat kone mouse
    And so ON........

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