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need technical assistance on this

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guys, i have 2 slot1 intel p3 cpu. 'to yung problems: cpu 1: whenever i plug the hdd on ide1, with jumper set to master, ...

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    Default need technical assistance on this

    guys, i have 2 slot1 intel p3 cpu. 'to yung problems:

    cpu 1:
    whenever i plug the hdd on ide1, with jumper set to master, cpu does not detect the hdd. i tried it with 3 other working hard drives, and still, undetected pa rin ng ide1. i also tried several ide cables with it, and still the same result.

    i found out that the first hdd i used was defective cuz i when i tried it on other cpu, its detected, but post displays its name with funny characters, like corrupted text. yet still, when i went on my board to plug a tested and working hdd, ide1 does not detect it pa rin.

    what cud cause its name to be displayed in funny characters, instead of maxtor, its true name?
    is it ok if i use the secondary ide na lang for the hdd and cd-rom?

    cpu 2:
    simply no beep and no display when switch on. i tried replacing memory, tried all the slots, tried other hdd, and even power supply, and cpu chip, still the same.

    i need some advise on this. these cpu's were purchased in manila pa kasi kaya m trying everything para di na mabalik. fortunately, the other 16 units worked just fine on winxp.

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    Default Re: need technical assistance on this

    gud day bro

    for pc1 - its still ok to use the other ide slot, bka sira yung ide slot 1 mo

    for pc2 - f u try ol the troubleshooting tapos wla parin dead board na yan buy another mobo nlng

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    Default Re: need technical assistance on this

    both pc1 and pc2 have motherboard problem. sir ruelnuv (the motherboar and hdd expert) is the answer of your problem...

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