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LF: pc data retrieval

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at what pc shop reliable and inyong marecommend that offers data retrieval? do i have to bring the whole enchilada or pwede ra hard drive ...

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    Default LF: pc data retrieval

    at what pc shop reliable and inyong marecommend that offers data retrieval? do i have to bring the whole enchilada or pwede ra hard drive ra? bug-at man gud kaayo ang akong cpu kay super karaan pa nga model wherein the casing weighs a ton!!! unya usually tag-pila man sad? where ang location sa shop, contact number, ug unsa jeep mo-agi diha... thanks!! kindly PM or reply here

    although it would be most helpful sad if data retrieval would be the last resort, i'd be willing to bring the CPU to have it fixed kung madala pa jud ni maau. but if the same "tang tang - taod" system would apply, i won't bother na upgrading unit but just have old files retrieved na lang kung kaya pa..

    naa sad ba home-service computer fixing? i know most won't go for it kay ilang tools naa sa ilang shop, but allow me to push my luck coz again wala mi transpo and bug-at kaayo pc...

    or if you guys can offer some troubleshooting for me to further distinguish unsay guba then please do post it here....

    here's the story:
    i once removed the two optical drives because i had no portable CD player so i used the optical drive (the good ol cd rom) and brought my pc speakers as well once to a dance practice. unya since nagkalaptop ko, i neglected connecting back my drives to the desktop unya was unused for like 4 months na man tingali... now when i reconnected them, ni-dagan pa man siya then ni kalit ug hang in the middle of starting up pa lang so akong gi-reset. after resetting didto, na siya kalit ask ug bootable disk. gambling the risk of reformatting and losing files i used unta my windows vista but di jud siya m-dagan... i'm thinking now basin incompatible but i can't find naman jud any OS lower than that to probably match my pc's capabilities. but anyway it finally showed na pud a blue screen when i try to reset it again. i'll post the picture of the blue screen and its message... please HELP / ADVISE ....

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    Firstly what do you want to happen?
    FIX the PC or just the HDD to retrieve the data files?

    What happen to your PC now is basically corrupted OS or accidentally na gunitan nimo. Lets isolate on the hardware software area first RUN on SAFE MODE k.

    Update lang diri. TY

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    ^hi yugi thanks for the correspondence

    yeah i guess first and foremost i'd try to fix/troubleshoot the pc myself... um i can't even reach that page wherein makapili pa ko on what mode to run the OS and choose that Safe Mode... modiretso na siya ani ron:

    ang akong OS pa ani kay win2000 pa actually got this pc pag 2002 or was it 2001 though naupgrade naman sad ang MOBO,processor pag 2005 i think. ang HDD pa gane ani kay 10GB pa... the only thing man gud na manghinayan ko nga mawala are actually my mp3 collection, some picture and .doc files...

    i'll look up pa kung unsa man ni siya model for each... nilarga naman gud akong techie friend rendering me helpless... i only know like 1/4 of his konwledge waaaaah.....

    basta kung pwede last option ang data recovery thru paying someone else coz siyempre i wanna learn sad hands on and makasave pa ta speaking of which yeah, in the 4 months na wa nako siya nagamit, wala sad jud siya nalimpyo ato...

    the first blue screen message i got, was not that one pa actually... ga-tanga tanga ko i forgot to picture it but it had the following words "...PHYSICAL DUMP MEMORY" or something like that... sorry jud ha then when i hit the restart button the above pic na mo-gawas and on 3rd attempt same message na pud...

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    c000021a, i think Service pack prob, but not sure..
    try this:
    if you can go to safe mode, login as admin and create a new user profile for yourself.

    then recover your file:
    How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile
    How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in Windows XP

    Disable automatic restart on system failure. This should help by allowing time to write down the STOP code properly. Right click on the My Computer icon on the Desktop and select Properties, Advanced, StartUp and Recovery, System Failure and uncheck box before Automatically Restart.

    Do not re-enable automatic restart on system failure until you have resolved the problem.

    just try this if you can still access your pc.

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    bro, idea lang ni naku ha!
    since wa nimo magamit ang imong pc for 4 months then possible nga naay problema sa memory maybe abog na kaayo siya unya tungod sa abog ma lost contact na siya..
    try kuno ug tang2x sa imong memory then limpyuhi using pencil eraser apila pod ang iyang slot paagii ug bond paper para mawala ang abog...
    also, pwede pod nga corrupted na imong os,,
    i believe nga pwede nimo i-transfer imong hardisk sa lain nga pc.. i-slave lang nimo and try to access it.. if you can access your hardisk nga naka-slave sa laing pc then recover all the data nga gusto nimong ma-recover...
    but, kung di jud niimo siya ma-access bisan pag gi-slave nimo sa lain nga pc, then something is wrong with your hardisk and you need to look for someone nga maka-recover pa sa files sa damage nga hardisk...
    try lang bro............

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    Default Recover Files

    Bro. wala pa na ma format ang imoha HDD?

    if wala pa pwedi ra nmo na ma save ang file just find another hard drive then install new OS, then slave your old hard drive. u can save all document,pic,all file. but not program files.

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