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What is the best / good video card for high end games?

This discussion is about "What is the best / good video card for high end games?" in the "Computer Hardware" forums.
What do you say?...

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    Default What is the best / good video card for high end games?

    What do you say?

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    this topic is all over this forum but since this is your first post:

    nvidia high-end: GTX280, GTX260, 9800GX2, 8800GTX
    nvidia mid range: 8800/9800GT, 8800GTS, 8800GS

    ati high-end: 4870GX2, 4870
    ati mid range: 4850, 4650, 3870, 3850

    read this:,2033.html

    the hierarchy of cards here: Graphics Card Heirarchy Chart - Tom's Hardware : Best Video Cards For The Money: Oct '08

    welcome to!!!
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    First off, a tip, if you ask what is best videocard, motherboard or etc, please post your budget para mas matubag ug maayo imo topic.

    Second, poldopunk has more or less covered it all. It really depends on the price range.

    And lastly, welcome to!

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    @TS, post ur budget bro.

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