Toyota Corolla Liftback KE70

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*4K engine overhauled with new:
- surplus head
- carburator
- rings
- valves
- clutch discs, release bearing,
- high tension wires & iridium plugs
- distributor, ignition coil (CDI)
- airfilter
- new battery

*New radiator, waterpump, aux fan and hoses
*newly installed aircon worth 30k (compressor, evaporator, condensor)

ORIG ENKEI rims with tires worth 25k (complete hubcaps)
13x7 rims, tires 175/60/13

Overhauled brake system with new:
- brake lines
- brake master repair kit
- hydrovac
- handbrake cable
- brake shoe lining, disc pad, caliper kit, rotor disc

Changed suspension components:
- spindle assembly & rod
- stabilizer busings
- front/rear shock absorbers
- rack end % boots, ball joints

Changed complete full exhaust piping at Nodalos worth 7k
- Y pipe with collector
- primary
- open flow exhaust

- Solex door lock (orig from USA)
- Gas charged lift support for trunk (imported from USA)
- strutbar
- back rear windscreen rubber (imported from Australia worth $80)
- Engelmann sidemirrors
- with new LTO plates already

All lights and gauges working, refurbished gas tank.
Complete updated original papers

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http://www. cebuclassifieds. com/ad/1887612-liftback-corolla