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Is it too late to go back to my career as an Electrical Engineer?

This discussion is about "Is it too late to go back to my career as an Electrical Engineer?" in the "Career Center" forums.

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    Default Is it too late to go back to my career as an Electrical Engineer?

    I am an Electrical Engineer 30 years old but have not been practicing my profession for over two years now. This is because I made a temporary career shift and went to a freelance virtual assistant not related to my course.

    It also took me 8 years to finish my course. On the bright side, I was able to land a teaching job but most of it was for part time for 3 years. Like 2-3 subjects per sem but those were major subjects.

    And then I also was lucky enough to land a job on a powerplant but it was only for a cadet training and that was a 2 year contract. It's basically like an upgraded version of an OJT. Only this time, we get paid. But only very little.

    I realized that I sucked at being an electrician because I have fear of heights and not doing well.
    I did do some minor operating duties and some admin stuff but that job was too easy.

    Over those years, I feel like I haven't really grown in any field in my career at all. I couldn't even do proper electrical wiring and it takes me way too long to do it. I am also weird in handling tools as well.

    All except the teaching part. All those formulas that I remember memorizing made me feel like a student again. But doing it part time doesn't probably make it a stable career. And if I do go aim for universities, I probably will be needing a LET license.

    If I do though, it makes me ask, for how long? And Iíll probably be having competition with actual teachers as well.

    -Should I be studying all over what I learned in engineering school? Or will this be a complete waste of time?
    -Should I learn new skills instead? something that companies need?
    -Should I enroll in specialized courses instead? Or maybe take TESDA courses for a refresher?

    I'm just afraid about the harsh job market that we have knowing that my experience in engineering was cut off.

    Any career advice? Feel so lost and confused.

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    Don't know. To my mind this profession will never allow you to get out of a blue collar world. At least you can create some engineering business and own it fully. These guys can develop your website where you can offer your services and attract customers. They are really the best.

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