Looking for an Executive Assistant, 28 to 38 years old.

Please send resume to

Daily duties and tasks:
· Sending memos, emails, and letters on behalf of the executive
· Handling scheduling
· Handling travel and all necessary arrangements
· Serve as liaison to the employees when needed
Required skills:
· Must have exemplary verbal and written communications skills – professional, clear, articulate and accurate.
· Must be able to maintain email systems, file sharing systems, and calendars, as well as proficiency with statistical software, publishing software, and databases.
· Must have strong interpersonal skills
· Must have strong time management skills
· Must have a driver’s license

Technical Skills
· Coordinating Video and Audio Conference Calls, if needed.
· Creating and Maintaining Databases, when needed.
· Above average knowledge on Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word
Administrative Skills
· Calendar and appointment management, including scheduling
· Clerical skills
· Client relations
· Designing and maintaining filing system
· Organizing meetings
· Travel Arrangements
· Preparing Reports
· Processing Expense Reports
· Proofreading
· Taking Meeting Minutes
Personal Characteristics
· Accurate
· Active listener
· Able to follow directions
· Able to work independently
· Analytical
· Collaborative
· Energetic
· Diplomatic
· Dependable
· Detail oriented
· Flexible
· Initiative driven
· Motivated
· Able to multi-task
· Maintain confidential information
· Proactive
· Problem solver
· Reliable
· Self Confident
· Self Directed
· A team player
· Works quickly
· Works well under pressure

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