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Thinking of quitting my job

This discussion is about "Thinking of quitting my job" in the "Career Center" forums.
Hi guys It's been a while since I posted here kay mibalhin na ko sa Manila. But sometimes I still troll especially sa photography forums. ...

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    Default Thinking of quitting my job

    Hi guys

    It's been a while since I posted here kay mibalhin na ko sa Manila. But sometimes I still troll especially sa photography forums.

    Anyway here's the thing. I have a job as a graphic artist. It doesn't pay as well, but I'm happy with the job. But lately, I learned of certain practices that I really think are unfair for employees. For example, we don't have holidays. No work means no pay and even if we work on holidays, we don't get paid extra. We don't have paid sick leaves or paid vacation leaves. We do not receive any benefits, like Philhealth, Pag-Ibig and SSS, and our boss says it's coz if they deduct that from our salaries, we would get even lower pay and it would be best if what is given to us is the net pay, and that if we want to get those benefits, we should just personally apply for those benefits on our own without the company involvement (which I think are major red flags already).

    This is my 2nd graphic artist job, the first one being one that provided benefits (quit because it wasn't really in line with my career path). So my question is, is this normal practice for small businesses requiring graphic artists? Because honestly, I'm about ready to quit. I've been in the company for 7 months and I don't think I can last another month.

    Any advice? Should I jump ship even though I don't have another job lined up yet? (my hubby can support me just fine; we don't have kids yet and i'm not yet in my 30s). Salamat in advance sa feedback

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    quit ka na ts... i wonder ni last pka 7months. sss and philhealth are mandatory. naa pa daghan company

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    aw ok ra kau nga muquit naka asap kai walai problema sa support...heheh...i want to quit my job right now too but unfortunately i dont have enough finances

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    quit then balhin ug lain, kay kung bata ka pa cgurado paka madawat.

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    Quit. But before you do that, report these bastards to DOLE. Sitewide Forum Rules
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    Okay raman mo quit / resign... basta hinog na ang panahon. Kung sa atong pagtan-aw, right time na, then mamutos nata.

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    depende jud na TS paniguro usa if naa kay lain ka atrasan then go labi na if greener and pastures sa imo plan B. pero if wala gani, ayaw lang usa ug quit dili baya lalim mangita trabaho ron labi na if ma undang maski kadali imo cash flow kay mu undang pud ang flow sa imo happiness.
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    i report na sa dole

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    try eh lista ang advantage ug disadvantage kung mo quit ka. kung asa jud ka maka pabor.

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    Sakto sila TS, quit when the timing is right. Pangita usa lain nga kabalhinan usa quit ani na company. Kay lose-lose situation gyud if mo quit ka nya wala paka lain nga source sa imo income.

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