If it's anything to do with forumcash.com or homebasedfreelanceprojects@yahoogroups.com or philippinesdataentryjoblistings@yahoogroups.com, please STAY AWAY from it. They're a fraud. First they let you do something like answer posts in like 50 different forums, and then like their pages in facebook and post in 50 of your friend's wall aobut their company. It's crazy. Once you've done all of it, and you email them the proof of your work, they don't reply anymore.

Not only that, in case they accept you just to show or prove that they're not fraudulent, they make you do the work that will take you 12 -15 hours to finish and then before you can get paid, you have to do themselves a favor and reply to their own forum posts and things like that, just so they can get traffic. if you don't do it, you don't get paid. so, in addition to the hours you've spent for doing the actual work, you have to add more hours just to get the extra job done and get paid. And for what amount? P200-300 pesos a day!

It doesn't stop from there. They promise you daily projects, but it comes to a point where, say 6 or 7 daily tasks they just stop sending you projects. You have to email them before they give you another more. And then when that's done, they stop sending you again. They increase the payment tasks just to demotivate you and quit.The reason for that? Well, of course, they have to increase their site's traffic so they have to keep recruiting people for the same work. They don't have a lot of projects to give, so they'd give it to the new ones because that's their priority -- to make sure the new ones have work so they don't think of it as a scam. You may see a lot of testimonials in their site, but don't be fooled. They were payed to do it. I didn't do it, but just to get more work and make more money I had to make written testimonial instead and that wasn't paid. Now, i regret it big time!

So, if you don't wanna get ripped off with your time and effort, stay away from this company!