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Post your memorable moments during your student life..

This discussion is about "Post your memorable moments during your student life.." in the "Campus Talk" forums.
..I'm sure we all had a lot of memorable moments in our student lives..the good thing is we can share each of them here and ...

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    Default Post your memorable moments during your student life..

    ..I'm sure we all had a lot of memorable moments in our student lives..the good thing is we can share each of them here and perhaps relive to cherished moments..let me start.. of the memorable moments I had in student life was when the principal of our school came to fetch me in the library..I had cut classes and was prepared to spend an afternoon reading mystery novels in the library when she marched up to me and asked me in a soft voice to go with her to the office..

    ..I'd been in her office lots of times as I was one of those troubled students growing up..but she had never raised her voice at me and instead, always tried to talk sense into me..trying to make me see the good in finishing school and reaching my potentials.. cut the story short, I can't say I've turned a new leaf after's too short not to experience some of the's in those downsides that you get to be more grateful of the good things in life..I still make mistakes..whenever I do though, I would hear her again in my head telling me to dust myself off and try again..

    ..always to try again..
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    ahhh... the uyab uyab days. cutting classes, katkat sa gate then adto ilang manang imom gin pomelo unya sigarilyo sigarilyo.

    those were the days.
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    School life is full of memories and the best ones are all the picnics, functions, and sports event that occurred at school.

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    My student years were boring

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