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Teach you Chinese food

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I am a Chinese. My name is Wang Hao. I hope someone can help me learn English. My English is very poor. I can only ...

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    Default Teach you Chinese food

    I am a Chinese. My name is Wang Hao. I hope someone can help me learn English. My English is very poor. I can only recognize simple words. In return, I can teach you how to learn Chinese or tell you some Chinese food practices. You contact me, thank you. You can comment below, I don't have any social software in the US, I am trying to find it, I will send it as soon as I find it.

    我是一名中国人,我叫王浩,希望有人帮助我学习英语,我英语很差,只能认知简单的单词,作为回报我可以教你 学中文或者告诉你一些中国的美食做法,期待你联系我,谢谢你。你可以在下面评论,我还没有美国的社交软件, 我在努力寻找,找到后会尽快发出。


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    It's good that you want to learn a new language and share your language knowledge. I think you will be useful. Thank you and good luck.

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    Hi! Itís great that you have a desire to study English, but I think itís better to ask professional for help. You can visit this website and just contact someone who looks as a professional. Good luck in your studies!

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