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which pastry school should i take? 2017

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    Default which pastry school should i take? 2017

    I am a graduate of BS Hospitality Management major in Food and Beverage, despite being called “Food and Beverage” it is the culinary counterpart of my alma mater. I have also been to the United States of America and had my international training; luckily I was a high-end country club in Baltimore Maryland and was training well in the hot&cold kitchen and banquets. Now I would like to study pastry because my alma mater didn’t have the facilities nor efficient instructors to teach pastry. I would like to ask your opinion on which culinary school should I go for me to learn pastry?

    I have been scouting different culinary schools in Cebu, and my top picks are ISCAHM, PSCA, and AICA since they offer 4-5 days a week program, unlike ICAAC.

    International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management
    With over Php 310k the Manila-based culinary school, boast it’s partnership with the Culinary Solutions of Australia and its state of the art facilities. The curriculum is good however students still have to pay for the ingredients on some practical exams which could take 1.5k-3k per exam.

    The Philippine School of Culinary Arts
    A Cebu based culinary school offering the same curricular structure of ISCAHM at a lesser price of Php260k, everything is inclusive unlike in ISCAHM; however, even though they have lots of equipment, some of them are a bit outdated, and there is only one big oven with only 1 tier.

    The Academy for International Culinary Arts
    Also a manila based school but offers a 4-month degree in pastry for the value of Php 167k. The kitchen is almost on par with ISCAHM, and they also boast of having the same curricular offering of both ISCAHM and PSCA for four months which is highly doubtful. The learning and application of culinary principles can’t be rushed, I learned this from my alma mater and it didn’t end well.

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    mas nindot ang ISCAHM kay mas daghan sila ug e-tudlo nimo...

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    ang full course man tingali nah imu gi tanaw TS sa ISCAHM they have a specific course. Inquire lang

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    Hi, no one really knows your preferences better than you and it's really hard to advise a good school, but one thing is for sure - it's not the advertisements of the university itself that make a choice, but the students who study there or who graduated there not so long ago. By the way, I can say that as a student I was always short of money for anything, and I decided for myself that I had to simultaneously work and study and it was a very good choice. In order to save time, I advise you to use essay rewriter services here: and not to spend a lot of time on homework. Instead, you can really go to work and earn money instead of just waiting for a scholarship or transfer from your parents. Good luck in the new school year!

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    why do you need a candy school, if beauty schools and academies are in trend now.
    I strongly recommend that you follow this path.

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