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Cheap/Affordable Medical Schools?

This discussion is about "Cheap/Affordable Medical Schools?" in the "Campus Talk" forums.
SWU-SM is the cheapest, more or less 125k per year. Last time i checked but i am not sure, MHAM is on 92k for this ...

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    SWU-SM is the cheapest, more or less 125k per year. Last time i checked but i am not sure, MHAM is on 92k for this sem so maybe that is almost 200k per year. CIM is 94k for this sem, so roughly almost 200k per year. I heard CDU's overall fee is around 200k to 200k+ per year, again i am not sure about this. For UCMED their tuition fee is around 82k which the misc fee and lab fee are excluded and again i am not so sure about this. Ofc the books are still excluded on all of the med school's estimates.

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    SWU-SM and SWU-MHAM are different. SWU-SM is a new school though they took over the SWU-MHAM building in SWU compound. SWU-MHAM is now in Redemptorist compound with a new building coming up in Banawa. There's a long story behind it but they're both accredited by CHED. SWU-SM just got their accreditation lately.

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    Becoming a nurse is a very serious and responsible step in your life. My Sister became a nurse last year and was very worried about where she would go to practice so that it would be effective and in a prestigious hospital. It took so much time to choose that she had just a couple of days left before making a decision, and as you can understand this is not enough. As a result, we found with data on every hospital in the us, so we found the Massachusetts hospital where she is currently practicing. On the site, we were helped by people's reviews and ratings, as well as by those people who had done practicum there.

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