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WORLDTECH Clean-up Drive

This discussion is about "WORLDTECH Clean-up Drive" in the "Campus Talk" forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YJOB View Post
    Kapila na ko nagwarn aning mga taga Worldtech nga magsige ug spam diri. Unsa man diay nang gitudlo sa Worldtech ninyo, is it programming or basin marketing? Giingnan naman mo sa una nga ayaw pagsige advertise bisan asa nga thread, di man patoo.

    You have been warned multiple times nga basin muabot ang adlaw nga blacklisted nang Worldtech sa forum. And by the way, mga programmer man kaha mo, you should have known that is a "NO FOLLOW" so quit spamming your links.

    I would like to ask the help of other members here to report threads or posts containing spammed ads from Worldtech people. Thank you.
    There's been a lot of fake registration nowadays. Spammer count is increasing more and more often, something must be done.

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