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Bar Reviewer in Cebu City?

This discussion is about "Bar Reviewer in Cebu City?" in the "Campus Talk" forums.
Those checking out a bar review center in Cebu check this out ! Dear Law Graduate, The Jurists Bar Review Center, a premier review center ...

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    Default A unique bar review center in Cebu

    Those checking out a bar review center in Cebu check this out !

    Dear Law Graduate,

    The Jurists Bar Review Center, a premier review center in Manila, will be starting its second season of review classes on April 4, 2009 at the Southwestern University School Law - Cebu.

    Last year Jurists Bar Review Center, had its first review season in Cebu with 94 reviewees.

    Jurists Bar Review Center was born out of the dream of Professors Gafar E. Lutian and Manuel R. Riguera to found a bar review center that would offer not only bar-review lectures but more importantly establish a system of coaching and performance-monitoring that would better prepare the reviewees for the bar examinations. In late 2004, after a series of extensive brain-storming sessions, in which Professors Riguera and Lutian were joined by their respective spouses Attys. Hazel and Gina, the core group designed a review and training regimen that was quite unique in that it was the first and so far only bar review program that involved individualized coaching, mock-bar examinations, and performance monitoring.

    The year 2005 was Jurists’ initial bar review season in Manila, and 82 reviewees enrolled for the program. When the bar results came out in March 2006, Jurists obtained an overall passing percentage of 41.38% as against the national passing percentage of 27.20%. For those Jurists reviewees who faithfully followed and adhered to the Jurists training protocol of mock-bar examinations and attendance in one-on-one coaching sessions, the passing percentage was an astounding 85%. Gladys Gervacio, a Jurists Reviewee who faithfully followed the Jurists protocol, copped 6th place in the bar examinations and scored a perfect 100% in Labor Law and Legal Ethics, a feat unparalleled in the annals of the bar examinations. This remarkable performance of a high passing rate has been duplicated in the succeeding years of 2006 and 2007.

    The secret to Jurists Bar review center’s success is because it cares for each bar reviewee by providing an individualized strategy to hurdle the bar exams. There are special lectures conducted on how to present your answers in the bar exams. Each bar reviewee’s style of presenting their answers is then tested through the rigorous mock bar exams that will be given. After the mock bar exams, coaches will then spend time alone with each reviewee to point out the weaknesses of each reviewees style of answering. With the system in place it is guaranteed that each Bar candidate’s chances of passing the bar will definitely improve.

    Aside from that Jurists Bar Review offers a unique bar review experience by giving bar reviewees reasonable lecture hours (Only weekend lectures), no overlapping of subjects and ensuring that the best selection of lecturers is maintained through adhering to a strict monitoring and evaluation of lecturers.

    Experience the Jurists advantage today!

    Why spend lots of money to go to Manila for your pre-bar review when you can get quality bar exam review here in Cebu ? Choose Jurists Bar Review Center Cebu today. If you wish to enroll or know more about Jurists Bar Review Center in Cebu City, call The Southwestern University School of Law at (032)-418-7077 or call the SWU trunkline at (032)-415-5555 and have the operator connect you to the SWU school of Law. You could also visit the Jurists Bar Review center website at or the Jurists Bar Review Center–Cebu website at

    Hope to see you in our 2nd season of bar exam review here in Cebu !

    Jurists Bar Review Center Cebu Team

    P.S Click here to check out Jurists Bar Review Center in youtube
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    Default Jurists Pricing

    Jurists Bar Review Center Cebu may be a bit expensive compared to other review centers but considering that offers mock bar with one on one individual coaching, I think it is defintely worth it.

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    Default Re: Bar Reviewer in Cebu City?

    I hope naay magreply ani nga post, naa man gud nag-ingon nga naa na daw BAR REVIEW CENTER ang USC, gusto tana ko magreview didto pero wala koy makita sa net anything about it, tana inyo ko mainform ug tana naay link para ma-contact nako sila. SALAMAT KAAYO.

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    Wow, I really liked this post. Actually you have helped a lot of people that have been looking for the bar review center. I also have to take the Bar test and I am also thinking to use the professional course for that. I have just made a list of the best Mobile Bar Review Courses and will surely pick one of these.

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