We can't help but sometimes interact with the people and with their posts in the threads of this forum. Such interaction is not prohibited IF it is within the context of the thread. However, with the growing number of members, the number of off topic posts are increasing as well. And I must say, it is sickening in a way that it pollutes the topic being given by the author. We, mods, are doing our best to cope up with the influx of the said posts. Some of us delete without giving a heads up; some mods do otherwise.

This specific forum has been in my watch list for over a year now. And I must say, though it has just been a few months since I became active again, NOTHING MUCH HAS CHANGED in this forum. You might be wondering why I'm on a constant prowl here. It's because this section is a very inevitable dumping ground for such posts. Come to think of it, you guys type an off topic post that is composed of a lot of letters and finger movements. We can remove a topic in just one click. Power tripping? No...I call it development...progress...growth. And this is not just for me or the mods, this is for all of us and iSTORYA.

Now, to answer the topic's query: WHAT HAPPENS TO TOPICS WITH LOTS OF OFF TOPIC POSTS?

They will be locked on sight and deleted in a few minutes.
So mind your off topic posts, please.