As doing freelancing stuff for side income myself, this article has kinda got me worried. sa mga freelancers dinha, what are your thoughts?

As the freelancing industry got bullish so too the increase of outsourcing complexities, difficulties and challenges.

Yes, many people in the Philippines are getting into freelancing since it pays well and there is a huge demand for low cost manpower from foreign businesses in countries like US, Australia etc. who are outsourcing their IT, marketing and other back office jobs to third world countries such as ours. Although there are a lot of opportunities online but the problems related to quality work and turnaround time making it have become a big con of outsourcing along w/ other downsides of it and for many it is already a risk since you may be working w/ someone whose profile is very impressive at first but not really that good as what his resume says resulting to a waste of time and money. One of the problem really is finding the right people who are right for the job.
Another problem is the relationship between a client and his freelancer since their relationship is susceptible to scam or the like as consequence both often have their own constant doubts that whenever there is a delay on a deliverable the client often jumps to conclusion and vice versa. Working on these problems takes time and it would be better if other takes care of it for the client so he can do other important core activities in his business.
Lastly, with the higher service fees from third party platforms and payment gateways freelancers eventually makes a fuss about it because these services deducts a somewhat unconscionable sum from their salary and that added to the hassle. Now imagine if there is a communication or lingual barriers between them it will be very difficult for them to work out. And if we sleep on it chances are we might be looking at a bubble that will soon burst at our expense because of these drawbacks.