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How did you start your own business, how much is your capital back then?

This discussion is about "How did you start your own business, how much is your capital back then?" in the "Business, Finance & Economics Discussions" forums.
Originally Posted by lady_yan i started my loading business a year ago and in less than a month bawi na dayon imong investment. since grabe ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lady_yan View Post
    i started my loading business a year ago and in less than a month bawi na dayon imong investment. since grabe maka use ug cell mga pinoy, sakto jud kaayo mag loading business ka.
    this is based on my experience jud. i am a dealer now of UNISIM load to all networks (Sun, Globe, Smart) business. they do not only sell e-load, autoload or cell cards, they have a lot of products jud like Gaming cards, Call cards, Dream Cable prepaid Cards, and a lot more. you do not need to buy a new sim, you can use your sim for all the loading transactions.
    you only need to pay 500 and the 100 will be in your load wallet already. so 400 ra imong puhunan. sa panahon karon, lisod kaayo mu invest ug dinagko kay kuyaw kung di jud mukita, so if you wanna play safe, maayo jud ni na negosyo. bisag naa ka work pwede gihapon continue ang negosyo. this business will never be out of season.. if you want more info, PM me.

    Thanks and God bless..
    Hi Ma'am lady_yan, interested unta ko ani nga business can you give me more info. Thanks in advanced Ma'am.

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    Guys, Just want to share sa ako pud small business very hot na ako na venture. I've started my business with a capital of 280 pesos. Its a herbal product, dli gyud ni cya known kaayo, from start lisod kaayo cya e baligya but rumors or word of mouth sa product is roaming around sa mga remote places until na abot na cya sa City. In just almost 2 years my 280 pesos na capital it burst to 200k to 250k gross income per month.

    For that product, I was able to expand my business, I open a coffee machine business kanang 5pesos hulog2x gali mga 4 machines lang, until 3 nalang karon kai ako clang gi pang hinay2x ug baligya kai dli na madala sa oras. I've also started a small sari sari store in our area sa Minglanilla a tricycle terminal area with a capital of 55k and a minimum of 60k gross income per month.

    Currently, just open a 2nd store nga bugasan mini grocery with a capital of 300k near sa ako small store which is also kicking-in for a minimum of 600000 thousand gross income per month. Perseverance, passion and dedication lang gyud sa business. Lastly, treat your personnel well and customers. Naa time na usahay wala nako hapit tolog pud kai nag work paman sad ko as of now. Btw, I'm still working in a BPO company as one of the IT Engineers. Hope I can help and inspire others to start a business. In time comes, I will resigned to my occupation to concentrate to my business. Nag paabot lang ko na ako na mabayaran ako mga loans pud sa banks. I've also heard a phrase, working will not make you rich it is just a waste of time in becoming rich.

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    meanwhile, still here.. confuse on what is the best negosyo nga sudlan..
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    thanks ani nga thread ky na refresh ta gamay.

    pwerting lisoda atong nag-sunod2x ang trials, maka-depress.
    yabo ang lending; stop na pisonet ky gamiton unta sa gibinlan ang space nila; naig-an sa earthquake last year; akong gi-investsan na ig-an pud ni yolanda... murag na wagtangan og source of income then ang expenses ky di raba mo pause/stop. not-to-mention mga housing loans, monthly payment sa lot, then 2 inato personal loans.

    while murag "everything" seemed to be not going well, nag lay low lang sa. maayo ky giuli sako gi-investsan ako gi-put-up and mao ako gi initial sa stock market trading. mao nlng sai gikalingawan samtang depressed pa.
    di sad lalim ang stock trading, dako og risks... while learning, paksit sad pero hinay lang kat-on. karon, stop na sad ko stock trading while happy na sa gain. ibayad sa housing loan pra maminusan.

    lending= stop nako ani. huwat2x nlng ta makabawi na mga utangan pra makabayad na sila og hinay2x
    pisonet = stop na sad ky layo na siya atong pagbalhin namo
    = ang gibinlan na nagpadayon ani nga negosyo
    = though depressing na kaayo ni nga time ky mao nlng unta ni nahabilin sa tanan, happy rasad in the long run
    = realized that di man in-ana kadako ang income ky aside from gamay ra number of units, mingaw sad to nga area pero ang advantage lang ky makasaligan ang gibutangan. another thing is di ko kahibaw mo maintain sa units so mag hire pa technician. lastly, mo depreciate ang value sa computer units basi moabot ang time halos wala ny value ky magubaon na.

    ang proceeds sa pagbaligya sa units, mao ako gi start-up capital sa existing business. gamay ra kaayo ang gain especially sa first few months. halos mo equal ra sa pisonet but didn't mind it kay at least liquid siya so "as is" ang capital then on-top na ang profit. but karon, turning 6 months, ma stable2x na siguro.

    sa karon, searching na sad ko lain i-dugang nga negosyo... ginagmay lang then hinay2x expand.

    nagpasalamat ko ky nakahapit nasad diri.
    sa kadako sa burden and baon sa utang, wala nako na feel ang progress but then na realize nako naa man diay significant progress, di lang ma feel ky in debt paman pero at least nagka-gamay.

    housing loan 1= approx. 1/4 nlng sa original monthly installment ron tungod sa advance payment sa pincipal
    = this is related to 1 of my personal loans leading to 1/5 sa principal na pay-off
    housing loan2= makuhaan na og 1/7 sa principal amount this year.
    next year maglisod pako og bulk ky bagood jud pero paningkamotan.

    lessons learned:
    1. ayaw i-dungan ang investments (real estate) especially if i-loan pa nimo... it may be kaya nimo at present pero we never know what will happen in the future so wait nga mahuman bayad ang isa ayha mo add og lain.
    2. kung mahimo ayaw pag loan. didto ka utang sa imong family nga mo support nimo in case ma messed up
    3. business: start small, study the business, go for calculated risks. then, be ready for back-up plans sa possible mahitabo. imagine possible worst case scenarios then formulate ka ways pra prepared naka if that happens.
    ayaw pa dalos2x.
    if high risk ang business, i-secure ang capital kung mahimo once maka-bawi na so that pure ginansiya nlng nag roll pero depende sa situation.

    How did I start sa latest:
    - in partnership then sole
    - with the help of customers and with those with the same line of business. learn from their experience and share your experience pra ma aware sad sila sa "newly" encountered risks

    Investing/ Trading:
    1. UITF= out na
    2. Stock Market= out nasad pra maka-focus sa existing business then gamay raman ako capital before so not really worth sa stress but possible balikan in time if maka-luag2x na
    3. Forex= Now, I want to learn forex nasad unta ky possible market ang forex traders but then as forex trading is high risk so with sa business in mind ky after a few researches, ang bulk sa market naa sa gawas and lain sad nga race & some of them di ta kasabot sa language. So, hands-off lang sa. Then, after a year, na expired na sad akong forex demo account.

    Business in mind:
    1. Remittance Center with a twist
    - possible start-up capital 10k on top of the maintaining balance (for every new account)
    - for old accounts, share lang sila sa existing business
    - while planning to gradually add more serviceable accounts sa existing business, pwede ra siguro diri isakay ang capitalization sa remittance pra shared ra ang capital.
    - hopefully, naay market ani nga business ky lahi raba og process

    2. Money Changer with a twist
    - USD and PHP lang sa
    - still searching for ways to minimize capitalization and holding/floating period sa foreign currency before ma liquid
    - pero market-wise, a no no pa
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    up nato. pls share more

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    glad to have browsed this thread tonight. very inspiring..
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    100 Heads of ready to lay hens. total investment of 55k kasama n un manok at kulungan..

    okay naman kita..lampas 150 pesos kita araw araw..pure profit na

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    me. i have no capital. i just help people to start up their business then they will just pay me for my services.

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    nag sugod2x napod ko ginagmay lending...

    dahana na nadatu diri oi...
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    no loans.
    no stocks.
    no track records.
    all transactions are in cold cash.

    from 1.2 (2012) - possibly 1.6 annual ultra NET income this year.
    cut offs twice a week. come what may mentality for 8 years.

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